James Lynn Strait Albums

  • Strait Up Album
    Starlit Eyes
    Take it Back
    I Know Where Your At
    Catch a Spirit
    Until Next Time
    Ozzy Speaks (spoken word)
    Angel's Son
    Funeral Flights
    Reaching Out
    Sad Air

  • Get Some Album
    The Box
    Snooze Button
    Get Some
    I Jus' Lie
    Get Some O' Deez
    Mr. Brett
    Get Some Keez
    My Balls

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    Reviews about James Lynn Strait albums
    confidence to revisit | Reviewer: Jay Wesley Vivian
        ------ About the album Strait Up performed by James Lynn Strait

    In bliss we will surely meet. This album with all that it is shared with is collaborated is just a way that those who known and have known can hear and embrace the just cause and confusing life lessons he had to share and but it in a way that all those who feel its words can tolerate get thru and embrace this world and life we live in it personally helps me as an affirmation ease my spirit and puts the goal in to perspective reminding me what bliss has already taken so that I do not give up but incubus what its meant and give it forward to those that what in the only way I can straight up thank you Lynn for the off cuff wisdom you have shown and show me them and those live well in heavens bliss as I know you have earned it

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