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James Blunt’s family have served in one kind of army or
another since 995A.D. A long line of warriors. Savages
really. Not a musical bone in any one of their bodies. The
only music he heard growing up was “Happy Birthday” and
“Silent Night”. His father considered all music, even
classical, to be unnecessary noise. Although James was not
one to rock the family boat, he didn’t really think he was
going to join the army – it sort of crept up on him. Plus
his family didn’t have a boat. Aged fourteen he just held
the teenage conviction More...

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Review about James Blunt songs
Stil i lov u..... | Reviewer: Johie
    ------ About the song You're Beautiful performed by James Blunt

Few yeas bck i met dis guy... I fell in love wid him... At that tym v use to sing tthis song... But aftr 4 or 5 months he left me saying " v are just frens".... It broke ma hurt... I used to cry weneva i listn to dis song.... Eventually dis song help me mov on.... But i still lov him.....

no luv like ours | Reviewer: Suntech4real@gmail.com
    ------ About the song Goodbye My Lover performed by James Blunt

I so much loved her and she did too in her own way.We both loved ourselves to the extend of taking oath just to protect our love(BLOODDY).Even though her elder sister never supported our relationship,we never cared as well.We did alots of things just to make us happy.We invaded restricted areas,broke rules and even disappointed people just to appoint our love.To others were blinded by luv but we could see that our luv was real and our feeling were so strong.We thought our luv would never end and the feelings would never die,but nature played on me(maybe on us).It was when I gained admission and the distance became a cAse to the luv we had,but I tyied to make her understand but to no avail.Dat was d end of d luv but not d end of d story

song dat connects to you | Reviewer: anuu
    ------ About the song Carry You Home performed by James Blunt

This song 'carry home' and 'you are beautiful' help me alot during ma sad days.. It sings ol those things dat i was feeling than.... I love you for this songs...

Goodbye my lover | Reviewer: Jav
    ------ About the song Goodbye My Lover performed by James Blunt

I really did love him I still do. Even dough am in a relationship with another guy am still madly in love with him I just hope that one day we can get back together and everything can be the same just like it was before we found out his ex was pregnant for him!!!

Everything i want | Reviewer: Jass
    ------ About the song Carry You Home performed by James Blunt

I've never listned to james blunt but few days back i decided to try this song and i'm glad that i choose this song. This song remind me of a girl i loved. She's not in my life anymore but i still love her beyond everything. And this song just made me cry when i listned to it. It become my no.1 song. I dont know what is the story of this song. But i think this song make u feel what u want to feel. Awesome some blunt. I'm gonna listne all ur song from now. Love u<3

i want you to want me...and i really want you...best song ever..your wonderful james blunt | Reviewer: gale
    ------ About the song I Really Want You performed by James Blunt

Your more than right on in really want you....to want me,
I enjoy your music and the passion you bring out in me,every time I listen to it my heart just knows,I want you to want me and I will always want to be there for you. My heart tells me so..

too bad it wont work | Reviewer: chide
    ------ About the song You're Beautiful performed by James Blunt

We met by chance and my world has never been d same. He loves me and I love him but he's in a relationship wit a witch so we can't b together. He dedicated dis song to me n.when I checked it out I cried Co's he'd never b with me..I listen to d lyrics each day n it helps me move on n repair my shattered heart. Am I wrong to wish dat she goes away forever?

your are beautiful | Reviewer: anjana
    ------ About the song You're Beautiful performed by James Blunt

this is oneof my best song....the wordings and the tune of the song is just wowo.....but i never want to dedicate it to my loved cause i never can let him go and because i will always be with him....i loved him and will love till the end....

The affair to remember | Reviewer: Friendswithbenefits
    ------ About the song Goodbye My Lover performed by James Blunt

So we went where we swore we wouldn't...we crossed the friendship line and ended up lovers... Emotions weren't meant to get in the way - my life is complicated and ur in a messy relationship. I will always be ur friend but no longer ur lover. We weren't meant to fall in love with one another, it was a deal breaker because too many people will get hurt. Please don't love me anymore, we can't be together and ur love is wasted on me even thou it is reciprocated. So listen to this song and know that it's my way of saying goodbye and thank u...my lover and my friend.

i will never be with you. | Reviewer: ciara
    ------ About the song You're Beautiful performed by James Blunt

i was being loved like an angel some years back but i never thought that time will compel us to split the way into two different ways......i thought that guy was never meant for me so i let him go but i never could do this though we had already been moved away..but i waited him for so long and still waiting for him...i always miss him so bad that i can not stop it.Crazy me......and today we are again in touch but not actually in a formal relation but in a relation called friendship......i hope we will get back again in a beautiful relation.....WE LOVE....WE CARE....never say never...who knows may be we are made for each other....?

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