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Tool Jambi Lyrics

Last updated: 10/22/2014 07:54:04 PM

Here from the king's mountain view
Here from the wild dream come true
Feast like a sultan I do on treasures and flesh - never few

But I, I would wish it all away if I thought I'd lose you, just one day

The devil and his had me down in love with the dark side I'd found, dabbling all the way down; up to my neck, soon to drown

But you changed that all for me; lifted me up, turned me 'round
So I...
I would
I would
I would wish this all away

Prayed like a martyr dusk 'til dawn
Begged like a hooker all night long
Tempted the devil with my song
And got what I wanted all along

But I...
And I would
If I could, then I would wish it away, wish it away, wish it all away
Wanna wish it all away
No pressure could hold, sway, or justify my kneeling away my center

So if I could I'd wish it all away, if I thought tomorrow would take you away
You're my peace of mind, my home, my center
I'm just trying to hold on one more day

Damn my eyes...
Jambi eyes...

Damn my eyes if they should compromise our fulcrum
if wants and needs divide me then I might as well be gone

Shine on forever
Shine on, benevolent sun

Shine down upon the broken
Shine until the two become one

Shine on forever
Shine on, benevolent sun

Shine on upon the severed
Shine until the two become one

Divided, I wither away
Divided, I wither away

Shine down upon the many
Light our way, benevolent sun

Breathe in union
Breathe in union
Breathe in union
Breathe in union
Breathe in union
So, as one, survive another day and season

Silence legion, save your poison
Silence legion, stay out of my wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!
Length : 7:28
Released : February 12, 2007
Genre : Progressive metal

"Jambi" is a song by American rock band Tool. The song was released as a single and the second track from their fourth studio album 10,000 Days. It was made officially available for radio airplay on February 12, 2007. Adam Jones uses a talk box effect during the guitar solo.

The song is in 9/8 time, except for the guitar solo where the rhythm is temporarily changed to 6/4 before going back to 9/8.

The title has been said to primarily refer to the iambic meter used in the lyrics of the song, as 'jambi' means 'iamb' in Finnish, but given the lack of more than an inevitable amount of iambs in the lyrics, this possible reference is doubtful.

Drummer Danny Carey stated that when bassist Justin Chancellor played the bass track of the song, it instantly reminded him of the children's television program Pee-wee's Playhouse, then singer Maynard James Keenan thought of the genie "Jambi" and had the idea to make the song's theme about making wishes. From Wikipedia

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