Jake Miller Albums

  • Us Against Them Album (11/5/2013)
    Me and You
    High Life
    My Couch
    Carry On
    A Million Lives
    Number One Rule
    Bonus Track
    Dead And Gone

  • The Road Less Traveled Album (4/9/2013)
    Let You Go
    A Million Lives
    See Ya Soon

  • Spotlight Album (7/29/2012)
    What I Wouldn't Give
    I'm Alright
    Day Without Your Love
    With You
    On The Move
    Hey You!

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    Reviews about Jake Miller albums
    BEST ALBUM EVER! | Reviewer: Dayna
        ------ About the album Spotlight performed by Jake Miller

    i just started listening to Jake Miller and fell in love with him. the first some i hear by him was "A MILLION LIVES" and i just cried ha. he is very talented and i love all of his music because it means things its not like other songs they have feeling and meaning and depth behind them. he is a great song writer! <3

    Perfect! | Reviewer: Caitlin
        ------ About the album Spotlight performed by Jake Miller

    I've just become a fan of Jake within the last few months, but it didn't take me long to get hooked. His music is amazing, just like him. He raps about real life things, rather than the typical "girls, sex, drugs, money, etc" stuff you hear from other artists. He has it all- the personality, the looks, and most importantly, the talent. If you've never heard his music, I'd suggest you check him out. Also, check out his new EP, 'The Road Less Traveled'. You won't be disappointed.

    AMAZING | Reviewer: Madi
        ------ About the album Spotlight performed by Jake Miller

    So this review is VERY bias because i think Jake Miller is perfect in any and every way possible and I'm a proud member of his MILLERTARY. This album was absolutely amazing and im still obsessed with it. I wouldnt reccomend it to everyone. Just wait, he's gonna blow up one day soon. He clearly has lots of talent. Either you're deaf or have a terrible taste in music if you honestly don't like this.

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