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Jake Miller, born November 28, 1992, is an American rapper, singer, musician and songwriter from Weston, Florida. He is currently attending the University of Miami. In high school the multi-talented musician who taught himself to play the drums and guitar at a young age, put out a few homemade music videos on YouTube which immediately created a buzz and attracted the attention of music business insiders who began to guide Jake on his journey.

Jake’s very first live performance was in March 2011 when he opened for legendary rapper Snoop Dogg in Pompano Beach, Florida and shortly after he opened for rapper Mac Miller in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. In May 2011, Jake won the Samsung & T-Mobile national “Kick it with the Band” competition designed to highlight some of the best music talent on the verge of stardom across the country. As the grand prize winner, Jake was awarded $35,000.00 for use towards his music career and a music video with YouTube sensation Keenan Cahill. In November 2011, Jake performed alongside Flo Rida, Sean Kingston and Asher Roth at the “Think Pink Rocks” concert in West Palm Beach, FL which is sponsored by Steve Rifkind and SRC Records. In December 2011, Jake took the stage at the annual Y-100 Jingle Ball concert where Cody Simpson and We the Kings also performed. On December 31, 2011, he rang in the New Year at the Orange Drive Miami Beach Music Festival in which Jason Derulo, Cee Lo Green, Ne-Yo, Gym Class Heroes and Cobra Starship also performed. On March 11, 2012 Jake performed on both the Planet Pit Stage and Power 96 Stage at the famed Calle Ocho Festival in Miami, FL in front of an estimated crowd of 200,000+. He also had a show sponsored by Miami’s pop radio station Y-100 where he performed with Sammy Adams, Austin Mahone, J Rand and others. A personal highlight for Jake (as he is an avid Miami Heat fan) was when he performed at the AAA arena during the NBA championship finals.

MTV Buzzworthy says “Jake Miller is about to blow up! Jake just released a brand-new video and we’re mildly obsessed, to say the least. Jake’s rap flow is serious, and we haven’t even discussed his vocals yet! Unsurprisingly, Jake’s also got a killer set of pipes.” The Miami Herald recently featured Jake in a full page article titled Young Rapper in the Fast Lane, and goes on to say “It’s Miller time! Get used to hearing the name Jake Miller. The Weston rapper is on his way. At just 19, the singer-songwriter is a Web sensation.” J-14 Magazine featured Jake in their weekly Hot Music Alert section while YoungHollywood.com says “South Floridian Teen Jake Miller (is) breaking through to the Music Mainstream.” WFOR-TV (CBS Miami) says “Jake Miller is a star on the rise whose catchy rap tunes are exploding all over the internet.” On March 6, 2012, MTV.com did the exclusive music video premiere of Jake’s single “I’m Alright.” Jake went on a Florida radio tour in March, 2012 to promote his single, “What I Wouldn’t Give,” and at one point, it was the only record near the top 50 on the Top 40 charts by a completely independent artist.

Jake recently released his first EP, “Spotlight” on iTunes. Jake is a social media wiz and stays extremely connected to his growing fan base. He currently has over 100,000 followers on Facebook and over 70,000 Twitter followers.

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i love you !!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: destiny your biggest fan | 9/11/14

i love your music. keep up the great work, your're smile makes me smile and it makes my day i would marry you if i could . i was at your're first concert i loved you ever since !!!!!! love you

I love listning to first flight home by jake miller bamecause my bae sent me the lyrics to that song and after that he told me he was on his way home after him being gone for 1 1/2 years of being 8 hours away!!

Jake's AWESOME new song!! | Reviewer: Nurtiara Hazirah | 8/22/14

I heard First Flight Home playing on my favouite radio station Hot FM 91.3(Singapore) and instantly fell in love with it! I made it my favourite song, downloaded it into my phone and put it on repeat every time I listen to songs on my phone. Then I looked it up on Youtube. I LOVE the music video too!! Also, I got to know Jake Miller when I looked the song up and...yeah...he's super talented and has good looks too I can say!! xD

I Love You Jake #Millertary | Reviewer: Kylee | 7/11/14

I've been listening to your music for over 2 years now. You're an amazing singer/rapper i hope you never stop doing what you do. Please come to Kansas City, Missouri, I reaaly want to see you in concert and meet you in person. Love, one person out of many people in the Millertary <3

Made me go from lonely to loving every moment of life:) | Reviewer: ~kitkat1075~ | 2/14/14

I've been through some hard times and all jake miller songs helped me through. Especially when I was being cyber bullied and sexually harassed. I felt like I had no one. But Jake made all that go away. He gave me the courage to stand up for myself and now I'm as happy as I've ever been. So, Jake miller, if u ever read this, I have so much love and respect for you and I would love to meet u and just talk about life 😘 lysm!
Btw my snapchat is kitkat1075 and my kik is KadynAngel
Love y'all:)

Jacob (Jake) Harris Miller's BIGGEST fan i <3 him omg<33333 | Reviewer: LaeLa Stone | 1/3/14

OMG im so glad i discovered him.. i listen to him on repeat everyday his songs are so inspiring and they help me get through the hard times.. i love him so much i want to meet him more then ANYONE i swear.

inspiration. | Reviewer: The call me Mrs. Jake Miller | 12/28/13

the first time I ever listened to Jake, I listened to Steven. It reminded me of my life and other ways to handle things. Then I heard the song Beast Mode... it reminds me about how I'm second guessed all the time (because I'm a "girl" wrestler)and how I should push them critics away. THEN I heard the song "Like Me" (which, btw, is my total FAVORITE) reminds me that I am who I am "proudly raises his hand when he hears his name." HEs an inspiration.

Jake Miller I love him so much!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Brianna Hartsook | 10/16/13

My friend showed me a video of him a year ago and since then I have been in love with him He is my idol and I hope that I can get to meet him someday!He has an amazing voice and if you asked me anything about him I could answer any questions you have. Like I am a huge fan and I am very proud of how far he has come! I love you Jake Miller! <3

How Much I Love Jake Miller | Reviewer: leann | 8/27/13

When i new jake miller was coming to Milwaukee to play at state fair i was so happy i thought i would go but i didn't and my friends did and they sent me 1000 pic and i cried the hole day i LOVE jabe miller mes the BEST in the HOLE WIDE WORLD!!!!<3

Jake Miller:) | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/9/13

Jake Miller is probably the most inspiring rapper/singer. He is amazing at what he does and he should continue doing it no matter what anyone says. The first song I listened to was "Steven" it was amazing. I fell in love with his voice. I think he's gonna go farther than anyone. Enjoy your career Jake and know you have a lot of fans that will support you.<3

JAKE | Reviewer: millertary_nation | 6/1/13

I recently just listened to Jake and I fell inlove with his voice! I just hope he'd follow me back on twitter. I can't explain how much I love his voice! Awesome, just awesome. xo

Jake Miller Is Amazing | Reviewer: Jake's Wifey <3 | 5/27/13

Jake Miller is simply the best. He has inspired thousands of people, including me. His songs actually have meaning to them! I admire Jake Miller. He's my inspiration<3 I love you,Jake!<3
BY THE WAY, Jake followed me on twitter! XD (Nearly fainted when he did) & I don't mind sending him a few DM's. If you want a follow? Follow me & tweet me to @Rawr_Its_Mona follow me on instagram as well @Rawr_Its_Mona #Millertary4Life #JakeMiller

~Jakey's Wifey~

jakes #1 wife :) | Reviewer: emily brooks | 4/27/13

I love him with all my heart an as a 20 year old I feel like my life wont change an all the hard days I love your music an I would love to marry you ;) if your single keep up the amazing work an holla at me if you eveer see this

Jake miller <3 | Reviewer: Kelsey Elizabeth Thomas | 4/22/13

I'm Jake's biggest NEW fan! I just heard about him the other day and fell in love with him instantly!!! He is amazingly hot and his voice is just so AHHH!!!! I really want to meet him!!! <3

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