Jake Bugg Albums

  • Shangri La Album (11/19/2013)
    There's A Beast And We All Feed It
    Slumville Sunrise
    What Doesn't Kill You
    Me And You
    Messed Up Kids
    A Song About Love
    All Your Reasons
    Kitchen Table
    Pine Trees
    Simple Pleasures
    Storm Passes Away

  • Jake Bugg Album (10/15/2012)
    Lightning Bolt
    Two Fingers
    Taste It
    Seen It All
    Simple As This
    Country Song
    Trouble Town
    Ballad of Mr. Jones
    Someone Told Me
    Note to Self

  • Taste It Album (7/13/2012)
    Taste It
    Love Me The Way You Do
    Green Man

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    Reviews about Jake Bugg albums
    From africa :D | Reviewer: sana
        ------ About the album Jake Bugg performed by Jake Bugg

    hey! well , yeah i m from africa : Tunisia my name is sans i'm 16 , and i m like addicted to jake since ...what? 2 years? i lisend to that song of him , that was on TV for a PUB of Greene King IPA "Country Song",and i was like : who the hell was this , and yeah! the hell was him , and he's so WOW ! my god he's really like WOOOW , here is anny ather world that can discribe him as well !!
    and all his songs are PER-FECTS :D bye !

    so much talent | Reviewer: elise
        ------ About the album Jake Bugg performed by Jake Bugg

    wow! I am a massive fan of Jake bugg,none of my friends like him but im totally in love,its hard to pick one favourite there all so good!! he's so young yet so talented,and his lyrics have so much meaning to them.And his voice is one of a kind,simply the best....I love you Jake bugg<3

    Got the bugg! | Reviewer: Ellie
        ------ About the album Jake Bugg performed by Jake Bugg

    Jake Bugg and his music is my new obsession: I have the bugg!! I'm high on it!!
    I am (nearly) 13, and Jake's influences and idols are also some of my favourite artists, including Johnny Cash, Buddy Holly, The Beatles, etc. I am so grateful so my Dad who is the one who's always helped and encouraged me to listen to this old sort of music, and now I can't listen to anything else! All my friends think I'm weird, but to be honest, I couldn't care less!
    I can listen to Bugg all day and never get bored. Stereo blaring, singing along at the top of my voice. He's so talented it's unbelievable. Some of his lyrics have so much meaning in them, the tunes so much soul.
    Love it. Thanks Dad. xx

    Best album I've heard since the Beatles | Reviewer: A Buggaholic
        ------ About the album Jake Bugg performed by Jake Bugg

    I am completely in love with Jake Bugg and his songs. Each song means so much and is creatively crafted that it's impossible to have just one favorite song. His songs can save the music industry from what it is now: full of club songs with nonsense lyrics and finding love at the club. If you want to hear something worth listening to, listen to Jake Bugg!

    buggy | Reviewer: stephen
        ------ About the album Jake Bugg performed by Jake Bugg

    When I heard this album, was blown away had to by it. what a talent.
    We needed this and it came at the right time.
    For a young man he is a rare talent keep it up kid.
    And all the best for your future.

    Absolutely Brilliant | Reviewer: Wendy
        ------ About the album Jake Bugg performed by Jake Bugg

    What an amazing album, it's so tough to pick 1 favourite song. I haven't had a new artist capture me as much as he has with this epic album since the Kaiser Chiefs!

    I hope the next album is just as good if not better! He played a new song on his recent tour and it was great!

    About *@*$#in Time! | Reviewer: Mark P
        ------ About the album Jake Bugg performed by Jake Bugg

    something of this calibre has been a long time coming, its raw and in your face, while at the same time melodic with depth. even more to the appeal is the fact that the guys technicaly still a "pup" but he's got a head on his shoulders wise above his years. i hope he's around for a long time to come. been waiting since the end of the 90's for something to grab me. for a long time i felt that all was lost ; ) haha keep it up young sir!

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