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Jaimeson Biography

Last updated: 09/17/2003 02:53:44 AM

It has to be said that Jamie Williams, aka Jaimeson, had a fairly good start to 2003. Having spent the previous decade exploring the ever evolving underground scenes of drum & bass and garage as a DJ producer and MC, he was about to be propelled swiftly overground by a tune named ‘True’ he had recorded with a vocalist named Angel Blue. A massive top ten hit on it’s January release, the tune simply refused to go away, selling in excess of 100,000 and remaining a regular feature on the airwaves even today. Now the mainstream grasped what the underground had known for years - Jaimeson is a star.

So how on earth do you follow such a smash hit? Well, by getting right back in the studio, turning your creativity up to 11 and recording a song that puts even ‘True’ to shame in terms of sheer urban cool and pure pop stardust. The track in question is ‘Complete’. Featuring newly discovered talent Xara on vocals, its laid back melodies and infectious double-time chorus are destined to provide the soundtrack to this summer.

While the sassy original is all set to follow its predecessor in dominating mainstream radio, there are three amped up remixes to keep the clubs and the pirates happy. Jaimeson himself delivers a dirty 4x4 mix aimed straight at the dancefloor, and a sublime 2 step re-rub. To round off the package drum & bass don Danny Fresh (of Bad Company fame) turns out a firing remix which gives Jaimeson his turn on the mic, alongside MCs Skibadee and Viper.

Jaimeson is currently putting the finishing touches to his debut album, which will show the true breadth of his musical vision. With one eye on the street and another on the pop charts, Jaimeson is perhaps the hottest talent on the UK urban scene today. If you don’t believe us, then we’re confident that ‘Complete’ will leave you in no doubt. Jaimeson’s year just keeps getting better...