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Jaheim Hoagland's story is one of struggle, strength and
salvation. And on his dynamic Warner Bros. Records/Divine
Mill debut album Ghetto Love, people worldwide-young and
old-will hear and empathize as they view and experience the
life of a naïve boy who is slowly transformed into a
focused and tenacious man. "When I came in the game, I was
a newborn. I was blind to everything," says the 21-year-New
Jersey native. I took my time and sacrificed things. And a
bunch of pieces came together. It's been hectic, but I made
it through More...

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Review about Jaheim songs
song review | Reviewer: poemlady walker
    ------ About the song Otha Half performed by Jaheim

OMG. this song is cold. as a writer of poetry. I felt all that jaheim was saying. But. somebody need to teach people that when in a relationship if you try and the other person don't try, don't even want to try you must know when to get out. in this song Jaheim is clearly telling her there is no me without you and that's my point he needs to know that he can go on. although I know this is just a song and hopefully Jaheim is not in this situation and if he is he need to get out or somebody needs to rescue him.its obvious Jaheim is really really hurt. I love the tune, the melody, the beat OMG this song hear is TRUTH.

this is it | Reviewer: sharon
    ------ About the song Age Ain't A Factor performed by Jaheim

jaheim you are the best you are so talking about me the words fits me perfectly.I get so excited every time the song comes on i am 62 and i do get better with time just ask my boo 50

Morning | Reviewer: Zita
    ------ About the song Morning performed by Jaheim

Most of these lyrics are not totally understandable but of course related to sex as usual CAUSE THAT'S ALL BLACK PEOPLE THINK ABOUT SINCE THE'VE EVOLVED IN THIS WORLD AND THEIR BODY IS TOTALLY MADE FOR SEX & MAKING BABIES.

Jaheim has never disappointed me | Reviewer: Simphiwe Xaba
    ------ About the song Age Ain't A Factor performed by Jaheim

Aah man this Album the whole album came out @the right time , I feel like this album is dedicated to me and my love life. Thank you Ahem, it being a long mother f***in coming. Got my self a copy "Appreciation Day" 1 love!!!

AMAZING | Reviewer: Sweena HeCallsMeSweetie Williams
    ------ About the song Morning performed by Jaheim

I'm LOVING this song right here!! I only wish I could make it happen with Jaheim in the MORNING!! Love his sound, swag, and the way he captures your heart in ever song he records. Keep up the good work. FAN FOR LIFE!!!

age ain't a factor | Reviewer: Michelle
    ------ About the song Age Ain't A Factor performed by Jaheim

Thanks jah! I love all your music and you have always shown your appreciation for women Of a certain age! I'm at my best at 59 .this song fits me SOO well thanks again! Your the best!

just when | Reviewer: lorato
    ------ About the song Everywhere I Am performed by Jaheim

my father died nine years ago n i couldnt cope anymore bcoz he was my everything n i was young but keep on thinking dat m not alone n wat makes me strong is dis song coz it comfort me and i keep on listeng it everyday keep it up bro jaheim i really love dis song verrrrrry much

The #1 song on the radio by far! | Reviewer: Rita B
    ------ About the song Age Ain't A Factor performed by Jaheim

I haven't been this moved by song since Jodeci released "Forever my Lady"...some how I've downloaded it a 6 times on every mobile device I own. Let the younger generation rant and rave about Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines" but for the mature "OLD SKOOL" audiences this song is by far the #1 joint playing on the radio!

Love, Love, Love | Reviewer: Cynethia
    ------ About the song Age Ain't A Factor performed by Jaheim

This is a true grown WOMAN'S anthem, not for little girls. Thank you so much. This is how ALL men should feel and treat women, and stop looking for young girls who do not have the life, experience, respect and self-esteem that we mature women have. So "clink clink" to all the women that's got it going on and the ones that are getting it together. Thanks Jaheim

Okay Ladies Over 35.... Here is Our New Anthem!! | Reviewer: Its Fay
    ------ About the song Age Ain't A Factor performed by Jaheim

I love this song Jah! Just one word I don't really like (nigga) but EVERYTHING ELSE>>>>>>>> BOMB !!! This will be my workout song too!!
I can't stop playing it... Waiting on the CD... I will be in line to buy!!!

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