Jaheim Albums

  • Appreciation Day Album (9/2/2013)
    Age Ain't A Factor
    He Don't Exist
    What She Really Means
    Pussy Appreciation Day
    Baby x3
    Shower Scene
    I Found You
    Sticks N Stones
    First Time
    Blame Me
    Chase Forever

  • Another Round Album (2/9/2010)
    Ain't Leavin Without You
    Finding My Way Back
    Till It Happens To You
    Bed Is Listening
    Another Round
    II Pink Lines
    Otha Half
    In My Hands

  • The Makings Of A Man Album (12/18/2007)
    Voice Of R&B
    Have You Ever
    Life Of A Thug
    Just Don't Have A Clue
    She Ain't You
    I've Changed
    What You Think Of That
    Make A Wish
    Back Together Again

  • Ghetto Classics Album (2/14/2006)
    The Chosen One
    Everytime I Think About Her
    Daddy Thing
    Like A DJ
    I Ain't Never
    Come Over

  • Still Ghetto Album (11/5/2002)
  • Ghetto Love Album (2/13/2001)

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    Reviews about Jaheim albums
    Jah | Reviewer: arturo marion
        ------ About the album Appreciation Day performed by Jaheim

    Jaheim has been my favorite artist unlike many he has really music on the frintline his lifes experiences has really put his music to life.I've been a fan since high School dating back in 1998.been a supporter and active fan to date regardless of what others think Jaheim is one of my most influential Artist in the game a lot if people are sleeping on Jaheim .nonetheless, Jaheim is my all around inspiration on love.respect for women.the ups and downs of relationships and how to treat a woman his lyrics are commendable on all levels of just that Thank God for his voice, talent and wisdom.

    Age Ain't a Factor/P****Appreciation Day | Reviewer: Sarah Boykin(New Brunswick,NJ) rreside now in North Carolina
        ------ About the album Appreciation Day performed by Jaheim

    I Love do mean love this album. So very proud of this young man. I'm along time resident of New Brunswick NJ. Our families grew up together 176 memorial parkway. I use to live around the corner from his father. Friends with his mother & entire hoagland family she's looking down on you very very proud. I can remember you and your brother when just kids. His mother had a voice like and angel. Keep up the good work Jaheim was looking forward to you coming to the Carolina's. My nephews said hello. Tyrell Summers, Shakimee Saunders(Red).

    Love the Boykin Family

    Mind Blowing! | Reviewer: Nichole
        ------ About the album Ghetto Love performed by Jaheim

    Wow!!! I was introduced to this album by my dad when it was released ... I was about 10 years old and I knew all the lyrics to each and every track. I must say Jaheim out done himself on this album and I've been waiting patiently for a second album similar to this one! This album is off the hook and its years old! This is the type of music that never gets old/boring like what's being produced today!

    Great Album - I love him!!! | Reviewer: Brenda
        ------ About the album The Makings Of A Man performed by Jaheim

    I feel him period. His voice, the lyrics, the passion, just everything. I love how he uses some of the old school tunes, like Bobby Womack and Teddy Pendergrass, from back in the day and makes it his own.

    Nice rearragement and very creative and unique; not another remake gone bad. When's the concert in the Bay Area? Did I miss it? Better not have. Keep doing your thing Jaheim, you have an old school fan out here for real.

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