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Bob Marley Jah Live Lyrics

Last updated: 10/22/2013 08:50:04 AM

jah live
Children yeah
Jah Jah live children yeah
Jah Live
Children yeah
jah Jah Live children yeah
The truth is an offence
But not a sin
Is he who laugh last,children
Is he who win
Is a foolish dog
Bark at the flying bird
One sheep herd must learn,children
To respect the shepherd
Jah live
Children yeah
Jah Jah Live children yeah
Jah Live
Children yeah
Jah Jah Live children yeah
Fool say in their heart
Rasta your God is dead
But I and I know,Jah Jah
Dread it shall be Dreader Dread
Jah Live children yeah
Jah Jah Live children yeah
Jah Live children yeah
jah Jah Live children yeah
Let jah arise
Now that the enemies are scattered
Let Jah arise
The enemies,the enemies are scattered
Jah Live children yeah
Jah Jah Live children yeah
Jah live Children yeah
Jah Jah Live children yeah

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A Jamaican, an old school reggae fan | Reviewer: Otto Holland | 10/22/13

Bob was and is all things, a visionary, a lyrics genius, a composer and I will go beyond to say a Prophet. He was able to put thoughts to music and he kept it clean, inspirational and his music will never grow old nor stale. Comfort can be attained by listening to his words; he was the greatest reggae producer, song writer and performer that ever lived and will never be replaced. There's only one King and Bob is the King or reggae.

spiritual Bob | Reviewer: kodjovi | 10/20/13

Greetings...and Jah live. Behold!!! The forfarthers of Bob live... forever. Bob is only relaying same old warning and messages to humanity like his ancesters did. Nothing is created and nothing is lost; only everything is transformed from and in between differents states. You will grow out of the material, embrace the spiritual and feed your soul with positive thinking, livity and love. Voltures and wolves will take it for weakness and hate you for your love and even enslave you again..... just remember and hear the I saying from within you that IS HE WHO LAUGH LAST IS HE WHO WIN....TIME WILL TELL.

Unending Movement | Reviewer: bakry | 8/26/13

Iam Muslim and very proud of that; but this do not stop me to lestin to great singer Almighty Ropert Nesta Marley who pave away to my heart ,thoughts ,and mind to float here and there looking for truth and live value regardless the religious,race ,politics ,just honest ,no big deal ,no secrets .
You cannot run away from your self ,ooohh lord something wrong
Bob marley vision and mission with regards to humanty will never end

Jah live | Reviewer: Wayne | 4/11/13

In 1975 Bob Marley was at his home in Kingston, where he head the news that His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie, Jah Rastafari, Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah, King of Kings of Ethiopia, Elect of God had passed away....Bob penned the lyrics of this immortal song.

Jah live !

jah live | Reviewer: Oluwafemi legend okunnuwa | 4/3/13

Bob marley was a great philosopher and inspirational singer not by human but by God, marley songs is of the God of d father,son nd d holy spirit becos he sings concerning d past present nd d futur his voice will everly be present nd always cry out in our world of electronic R I P king of Reggae Bob Marley.

Bob a cristian | Reviewer: Albinus alex | 6/17/12

Ofcoz Bob was a cristian, coz at begining he was born a catholic bt laiter he was baptized as a Orthodox{church fro ethiopia} in Jamaica by a pastor brought from Jamaica!. So he was a cristian and also a lastafarian!. I real lov him since he was more than much creative!.

Bob | Reviewer: Mike | 6/20/11

One of his best tracks..

@ Joe Mama: Why someone has to be christian to be spiritual? I was born christian, but I have no religion now. I mix buddhism with jewism and with christian things. No rules, no sin, no tradition. I do what I want and I am very spiritual. I do Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Meditation, Invocations etc.. Open your mind ==> God is ONE, JAH is his male will. You should recognize that all religions have the same roots, all came from the ONE, the ABSOLUTE.


Gift | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/20/11

man when I listening to his music it relates to me in the problems I have in life and gets me trough it R.I.P BOB MARLEY there will never be another god gave him a gift with words I LOVE YOU<3.
Sincerely, Biviana

Greatest Song Ever! | Reviewer: joe mama | 8/15/10

i dont know if bob marley could be considered a "christian", but i have to say that his lyrics are truly spiritual. he proves that reggae can be more than good dance music. it can also be very sweet and lovely. RIP bob marley <3