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Jadon Lavik Biography

Last updated: 10/19/2011 12:00:00 PM


Looking back on Jadon Lavik's lifelong ambitions, becoming a full time recording artist was probably his least likely possibility. For starters, the one time college baseball star sought to be drafted into the major leagues, and if that didn't work out, move to "plan b" of putting his business finance degree to work. After not scoring a pro slot and realizing a day in a cubicle crunching numbers wasn't for him, the now twenty-seven-year-old took a stint in seminary (after all, his father was a pastor) and began playing guitar to supplement his times of worship. That experience soon became the catalyst for a worship leadership role at the prominent Saddleback Church in California under the tutelage of Rick Muchow and the rest, as they say, is history.

"I never set out to be a Christian artist because playing music was just a hobby," admits the Redmond, Washington born/ San Clemente, California transplanted troubadour. "The whole baseball career didn't work out, neither did my short 180 degree turn in commercial real estate, but after I fulfilled my commitment to a two year internship at Saddleback Church, I was approached with an opportunity I never anticipated- to pursue music full time. It's a path I never would've expected, but then again, that's how God works and His plan is perfect."

Performing on numerous Saddleback CDs and singing in front of nearly 20,000 parishioners every weekend when combining all the services was truly an education in praise directed ministry. All those goods, combined with an incredibly appealing voice, cozy croon and down to earth demeanor drew attention from BEC Recordings (known for breaking the likes of Jeremy Camp, Kutless and countless others) and his official recording career was born. After releasing Moving On Faith in 2004 to critical acclaim, consistent touring and the meteoric single "What If," the stage was set for a much anticipated follow-up found in Life On the Inside.

"My first record had a respectable start, and even though the CD had been out for awhile, 'What If' as a single began doing really well, sort of as a late bloomer," he recalls. "I feel blessed at the opportunity to do another record and continue to do what I love."

And indeed it has, if only on the pre-release buzz from faithful fans and new acquisitions on the road. Lavik is currently on one of the spring's most talked about tours with Rebecca St. James and Barlow Girl, playing to sold out auditoriums, colleges and churches nearly every night of the week. Of course there's also the vertically slanted pop/rock pleasantries- thirteen in all that range from the delightfully playful to the powerfully introspective. A thematic thread that also runs through the record is a major change in Lavik's personal life, a recent engagement to his girlfriend.

"This record is a little bit like a continuation from the last and a little bit of a departure," he notices. "I just got engaged, which is a monstrous life step and I'm really excited about this next phase in my life. Most of the material indirectly points to gratitude and thankfulness that comes from that situation, especially because I didn't date all that much. One song 'Father' is kind of a prayer telling God how thankful I am for not only is faithfulness, but the fact I've fallen head over heels in love with my fiancĀŽ. 'Meant To Be' talks about God using different courses in my life to put me exactly where he wants me to be. His timing and sovereignty is always right on target!"

Of course, Lavik also holds true to his acoustic roots, most notably in the track "Changing Happy." The joyful track keys into the idea of redefining happiness as a believer with a Scriptural perspective. "Hear Our Song" is a simple yet passionate plea of praise, while "His Name Shall Be Called" recites the different names and attributes of God.

"If you listen all the way through, you can trace the different ideas I'm touching on and even the different styles that I write," Lavik offers. "I'm kind of eclectic, even in my musical tastes, so sometimes you'll see simple acoustic guitar picking, some folksy James Taylor stuff and some times it's a bit more rockin'. I'm all over the map really."

Such song and stylistic explanations further lay the ground work for the overarching meaning of the title Life On the Inside. Not only does it possess a reflective and meditative tone, but the moniker also exposes this singer/songwriter as incredibly authentic and unabashedly honest who genuinely wants to impact listeners with his beliefs.

"I like an album title that leaves a little bit open to interpretation and that's not super specific," he sums up. "In one sense, this title is what life looks like on the inside of Jadon- what's going on in my head and my heart. The other angle is strictly on a spiritual level, which happens once we become followers of Jesus and we're truly given life on the inside."