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Aerosmith Jaded Lyrics

Last updated: 01/29/2012 10:00:00 AM

You've got your mama's style but you're yesterday's child to me
So Jaded
You think that's where it's at but is that where it's sposed to be?
You're gettin' it all over me

My, my, baby blue
(Yeah I've been think'n 'bout you)
My, my, baby blue
Yeah, you're so Jaded
And I'm the one that Jaded you

In all its misery it will always be what I love and hated
And maybe take a ride to the other side we're thinkin' of
We'll slip into the velvet glove
And be Jaded

(w/) Yeah, I'm so Jaded
And baby I'm afraid of you

You're thinkin' so complicated
I've had it all up to here
But it's so overrated
Love and hate it
Wouldn't trade it
Love Me Jaded


There ain't no "baby please" when I'm shootin' the breeze with her
When everything you see is a blur
And ecstacy is what you prefer


(w/) (Blue, blue, blue, Yeah)
(I'm talkin' 'bout you)
(Blue, blue, blue, blue Yeah)
(Yeah, been thinkin' 'bout you)
My, my, baby blue
Yeah, you're so Jaded (Baby)
Jaded (Baby)
You're so Jaded
'Cause I'm the one that Jaded you

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Thank you for getting my lyrics right | Reviewer: Joel Trejo | 1/19/12

Dear Sirs, I found the lyrics for this tune on Youtube. Lyrics are not correctly spelled on the Karaoke version in Youtube. I had to check on this page to understand the words. Thanks a lot.

old but good | Reviewer: aysha | 10/16/05

This song is like the best ...simple as that ...Toxic Twins kickass!!