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When Jadakiss hit the rap scene with his deafening group,
the LOX, all hell broke loose. Why, you may ask, well,
primarily because there had never been a hip-hip group in
history who revolutionized the sound of hip-hop music as
fast as they did. ?They?re the only group who knew how to
precisely give you lyrical food for your mind while
simultaneously making thongs shake and drop (check out the
meteoric rise of their platinum Money, Power & Respect for
evidence). Plus, they redrew the rap map and became an
influential force in the More...

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Review about Jadakiss songs
reply to the truth | Reviewer: big l
    ------ About the song Why (Remix) performed by Jadakiss

you sound like a privileged white person, unless your black you can see the hypocrisy in the American way of life and if you don't see the corruption you are blind, I understand the truth hurts, so if you cant put yourself in another persons shoes then you should keep your mouth shut, Americans were fine until the pilgrims showed up.

The truth | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Why (Remix) performed by Jadakiss

WHY cant these rappers accept America as the best country in the world, which it is! These clowns dont know how good they got it. Freedom of speech allowed them to make this song and bitch about the American government which provides them with that very same freedom to begin with! Do you think Obama became the first black President by bitching and crying about the few imperfections of American society, no he kept his head up like a MAN and took care of business. He made a positive change in America by working hard for it, not sitting in a booth crying about it. If these rappers got a problem with America they can fuck off to North Korea and find out the true meaning of oppression. They'd be back in a week. America now has a black president and a very good one at that, so now what can these rappers complain about. So to all the hypocritical rappers be thankful even for the things you cry about being "unfair", because maybe some people belive its unfair that they actually have to eek a living by working hard everyday while you make millions of dollars just by making songs about putting down one of the few countries which allows you to fufill your dream no matter what race, religion, or gender you are. "America is a tune. It must be sung together."

Nothing But the Truth...!!!!! | Reviewer: Cheryl Thomas-Tate
    ------ About the song Why performed by Jadakiss

I'm so impressed with the message. It's rare these days to actually hear a song that dosen't denegrade women. It is quite apparent that you have been raised properly and have a solid foundation, thus you have relevant dialogue for the masses. The Revolution will not be twittered, emailed, My Spaced or Facebooked. Please keep waxing poetic for the youth.

the song touches the African life | Reviewer: Erasto Juma
    ------ About the song Why performed by Jadakiss

i was deeply entranced by the verse of this song, it touches the life in Africa and their political leaders.KEEP IT UP JADA! I must listen to this song when i wake up in the morning and before i sleep in the night

Da Truth | Reviewer: Alaric
    ------ About the song Why performed by Jadakiss

Dis song is da truth. The world is running the wrong way lucky obama is in da white house. The way he running it aint no better then anyone else but dat nigga is help the world in a way. Now the rest of it is up to us so ask yourself Why.

Jadakiss and his music | Reviewer: andrew
    ------ About the song Why performed by Jadakiss

This song does have a lot to do with the way our woreld runs people are always trying to get the cheapest things and some want to be the obsessers but if you think about our government we are all to blame everyone could have impeached the president as our right in the constitution and people could have decided to take out the congress but we didnt we listened to these so called good leaders and followed them into a corrupt nation. I have seen people die for a problem they can not control but they signed up for. This song is one of my favorite and makes sence to how our nation has become a whole issue in the world instead of a "leader". We are one of the most advanced nations but we have to be able to see what we are doing to others and just because you live five feet in the qwrong direction doesn't mean you have to shoot them. Peer pressure and trying to survive doesn't mean you have to kill someone because they are diffrent, like lincoln and his proclaimation to free the slave, he knew what America stands for and wanted everyone to be able to live a peaceful free life. Our biggest problem is that america is so diverse there is no black or white america, gay or straight america, smart or stupid america, strong or weak america, is only one nation, world and life to live so can we live this life in a peaceful society here before we go everywhere else trying to make peace because this just makes the USA look like hypocrites.... Please Respond....

why, uhh i like the song | Reviewer: Michael Lazaro Garcia
    ------ About the song Why performed by Jadakiss

I listened to the song i liked it,it was cool,but what is jadakiss saying when he says why did some brother uo north better than jordan did'nt get that break what break? Does it have to do something with college?

listen up.... | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Why (Remix) performed by Jadakiss

alright relax everyone, it is just a song, and dont go all preachy with religion, some people chose to believe in a religion, some people dont- its up to them.....so relax....and there is SO much garabage music out there, and ill tell u gets to decide if its garbage or not- YOU. everyone gets that right, its called free speech...which isnt really free but still take a song like "lollipop" by lil wayne...PURE GARABAGE. and its disgusting.....old school was where its at, and some of the rappers in this song are sick so stop hating

D BLOCK! | Reviewer:
    ------ About the song Checkmate performed by Jadakiss

Hold on bro let me tell you how D BLOCK do! don't hate on us cuz we hold'n stacks and shootin back! dont' get on *Kiss he rearranging da game we don't mess wit 50 cent neva play wit change! get off da real homies back away from da screen i was tryin to be nice don't make me get mean!

its real | Reviewer: masta
    ------ About the song Why performed by Jadakiss

u know its tru, he says the hottest shit but sells less cd's than fake ass rappers like 50 cent and t-pain and shit. Jadakiss is real, his not soft, there is a difference, he keeps rap alive, and gives an alternative to all that bullshit, guns gats and bitches shit, His not as rich as he could be and neither is D-Block, yet there real, thats hard to find in rap these days, and very good song, the remix is really good too

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