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Jackyl Biography

Last updated: 12/18/2014 05:16:14 PM

Jesse James Dupree – Vocals
Jeff Worley - Guitar
Roman Glick – Bass
Chris Worley - Drums

Straight outta DIXIE -- The original bad-asses of southern rock are baaaaack! JACKYL is re – lent - less. After selling more than three million albums collectively during the group’s highly infamous, yet distinguished career, which includes breaking a few Guinness Book records, breaking the law, breaking a few bones and nearly breaking up (not an option), JACKYL keeps going…and…going, and just like the energizer bunny, never lets up. JACKYL has long been recognized as one of the hardest working bands in Rock `n Roll. Always putting its money where its mouth is, JACKYL consistently brings its music straight to the fans, no matter what the consequences. Trends may come, and trends may go, but JACKYL remains strong and true, kicking out straight-up, loud, proud and honest Rock `n Roll, sans the bullshit factor that’s so prevalent in today’s industry.

And now it’s time to roll out RELENTLESS, the group’s fourth studio album, recorded at Cock of the Walk studios in Kennesaw Ga. on Humidity Records. The fans have eagerly waited three years for this record, and JACKYL clearly delivers. Two guitars, bass, drums and Jesse James Dupree’s trusty, trademark chainsaw…yes, he was the originator of what’s now become rock’s fiercest instrument, along with a new collaboration with AC/DC’s Brian Johnson on “Kill The Sunshine” and featuring a ripping-chainsaw solo on Billy Badass, places RELENTLESS in the “Crank It Up To Ten” category, but this one goes to 11. RELENTLESS spits out twelve original, lethal tracks, putting the guts, blood, fire and grime back where it belongs. It reeks, it rocks and it’s ugly as sin. It’s classic JACKYL at its highest power, and it’s coming to your town soon. The band’s home is the road, where they’re headed again, to continue defining the word “Relentless.”

It’s been 10 years since JACKYL’s self-titled debut album first dropped, selling 2 million copies and dominating rock radio with such hits as “I Stand Alone,” “Down On Me,” “When Will It Rain,” “The Lumberjack” and “Dirty Little Mind.” After receiving a gold record for their second album, Push Comes To Shove, a triple platinum award for their appearance on The Beavis and Butthead soundtrack (1.7 million) and another gold record for the concert album, Woodstock `94, where Jackyl’s appearance was lauded by Entertainment Weekly as “One of the highlights of the entire event,” the group followed legendary A&R guru John Kalodner, who first signed them to Geffen Records, over to Epic Records, where they released Cut The Crap, produced by Mike Fraser (AC/DC, Metallica) and mixed by Kevin Shirley (Silverchair, Aerosmith). The landmark project rolled out radio hit “Locked and Loaded,” a literal verbal assault between two of rock’s most powerful voices, and marking the first time AC/DC frontman Brian Johnson ever collaborated outside of his band. Johnson, who had been really depressed with the state of rock music, saw JACKYL as representing a glimmer of hope. The legendary “Locked and Loaded” single remains a diehard staple for rock fans worldwide.

JACKYL wins major points for consistency and persistence. Nearly the same line-up that was spawned in Georgia in 1990 remains to this day: Jesse James Dupree (vocals), Jeff Worley (guitar), Chris Worley (drums) and new member Roman Glick (bass) – four friends who got together to make music for themselves and for people who want to have a good time. The group has built a devoted following as a result of a relentless work ethic, devil-may-care attitude and touring, touring, touring. JACKYL’s reputation has been cemented by tours with everyone from Aerosmith to KISS and spiked by a most memorable appearance at Woodstock `94. JACKYL in short are a bunch of restless shitkickers, always pushing the boundaries of rock. Throughout the group’s illustrious career they have set two Guinness Book World Records for performing “100 shows in 50 days” and “21 shows in 24 hours,” which coincided with the release of their greatest hits Choice Cuts album and officially granted them their current status as “The Hardest Working Band in Rock `n Roll.” JACKYL has also had its share of controversy which resulted in several arrests for indecent exposure, their appearance at Woodstock `94, and the infamous steakhouse invasion (among others), where members stormed in with a chainsaw to surprise a group of radio program directors having lunch. However no one present seemed to get the humor of this visit, and the stunt ended up costing the band a class action lawsuit in excess of $1,000,000.

For JACKYL, it’s always on to the next thing. The group is currently brainstorming some other delectable events to coincide with the promotion of RELENTLESS which drops October 22, officially marking Halloween week. The project and its promotion promises to roll out more surprise “firsts” of every kind, and as always, you can expect touring, touring, touring, taking JACKYL back to the people. They remain bigger than life, are now four times as ugly, and more lethal than ever. You can also expect the unexpected. JACKYL is relentless.