Jackson Browne Lyrics

by Dave Marsh

It's tempting to say that Jackson Browne has had Bob
Dylan's career inside out: He began as the most personal of
songwriters and became intensely interested in the politics
and society of his times. No one has written more
eloquently of love lost and won, the perils and pleasures
of the search for it, and few have been better rewarded
with critical acclaim and commercial success. Yet, at the
height of his fame as a romantic confessional balladeer,
Jackson Browne did the absolutely unexpected. Rather than
turning his More...

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Review about Jackson Browne songs
Another Amazing Song by Jackson | Reviewer: TexCube
    ------ About the song BIRDS OF ST. MARKS performed by Jackson Browne

As many of you know, this is not a new song but it has been recorded for Jackson Browne's new album coming out in October of 2014. I could write for hours and be very long winded about his gift for lyrics but it's already been explained in great detail. Do a search for Jackson Browne's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction and listen to what Bruce Springsteen says about him and his writing. It's the best way to explain why The Birds of St Marks is such an amazing song.

This is it | Reviewer: Teeda
    ------ About the song THE REBEL JESUS performed by Jackson Browne

This is it, this is the song that best represents the message and the challenge of the season - the message of Christ. Enjoy and reflect. We are all one in the struggle - the struggle to understand the gift of life and the struggle to survive the journey. Look at each other - we are more alike than we are different and that will always be true. Thank God for the pagan Jackson Browne. Thank God for Jesus.

Stay: Jackson Browne (70s) or Maurice Williams (60s) | Reviewer: Helen Bouslaugh
    ------ About the song STAY performed by Jackson Browne

I love both versions of this classic tune. Listening to both right now...Yet, I would love to know who, how and when were the lyrics Jackson Browne uses written/changed from the original version?

Comment on Rebel Jesus | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song THE REBEL JESUS performed by Jackson Browne

I believe that words are true. The song makes me cry every time I hear it. If I don't want to cry, I won't listen to it. There cannot be the melody without the words. There cannot be the words without the melody. They go in sync.

YouTube video of "stay" | Reviewer: John
    ------ About the song STAY performed by Jackson Browne

I think the 70s version on YouTube is the best. It can be viewed as inspirational or reflective, just depends on your mood. I would like to know who the young lady singing part of the back is, she can really hit those high notes.

Gets you to think a lot about what Jesus said. | Reviewer: Frances
    ------ About the song THE REBEL JESUS performed by Jackson Browne

Its a thought provoking song. I like it because it reminds me so much of Jesus and the way he lived. I know I could not live as Jesus and his disciples did. They suffered and I do not know why. He helped the sick & poor people & was given up to suffer. That is the real mystery of the cross. The goodness of Jesus is always forgotten by us.

Another Version | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song I AM A PATRIOT performed by Jackson Browne

Jackson Browne's long-time friend and perennial back-up musician, David Lindley, aka "The Wizard of Strings", aka the high falsetto on the song "Stay," aka the only musician "Acoustic Guitar" has labeled a "maxi-instrumentalist" (as opposed to those who are merely "mega-instrumentalists", LOL) etc., etc., etc. does an absolutely kickass reggae-inflected version of this song on his album Twango Bango Deluxe with Wally Ingram. Not easy to find...totally worth it, believe me.

Challenging Carol Relevant For Any Time | Reviewer: Diana
    ------ About the song THE REBEL JESUS performed by Jackson Browne

I was taken aback by the lyrics and tune of this selection on the Chieftains album, and quickly it became one of my favorite seasonal songs. It sounds so totally Irish, in the direct manner of Celtic peoples, so I was surprised to learn it was written by Jackson Browne. Definitely a keeper, and I agree with the nice review by Brent.

refreshing | Reviewer: Brent
    ------ About the song THE REBEL JESUS performed by Jackson Browne

Jackson Browne's twist on Christmas carols with lyrics that challenge our complacent approach to faith is beyond refreshing. The song fits well on the Chieftains Christmas recording and should give any serious Faith practitioner pause with that age old question: if Jesus came today, would I be one of those who would murder him? While I doubt anything about my theology or politics would line up very well with Mr. Browne, he asks a remarkable question. Have a wrestled with the real Jesus or do I prefer a helpless baby who stays in a manger and has little impact on my life, my treatment of others, my stewardship of this earth or my willingness to submit to God's leading. As with so many Jackson Browne songs, his subtle use of humor is spot on. And his message is solid without being heavy handed. Kudos to Mr. Browne. If you've not heard the Chieftains album (Bells of Dublin) containing this song, I can highly recommend it.

High voices | Reviewer: Annie
    ------ About the song STAY performed by Jackson Browne

There are two separate people who sing that chorus in Stay, --one is Rosemary Butler sings it one time and David Lindley sings it one time. Rosemary Butler is one incredible voice, hits the real high notes. Lindley is the falsetto.

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