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Jackie McCullough Biography

Last updated: 07/16/2014 05:56:54 PM

To hear the Reverend Jackie McCullough is to know the voice of one who has walked through the fires of tribulation and emerged as a vessel of gold. The word she brings forth is founded in the bedrock of Scripture and ignited by the Holy Spirit to enrich, challenge and inspire the hearts and souls of God’s people.

Today, Rev. McCullough is the newly installed pastor of The Gathering at Beth Rapha, based in Pomona, New York, “Where Spiritual Virtue Is Imparted.”

Besides preaching, Pastor McCullough has also authored a devotional entitled, “Daily Moments With God: In Quietness and Confidence” (PneumaLife Publishers). An extemporaneous songwriter, Pastor McCullough has also released her first CD entitled, “This Is For You Lord” (Gospocentric, 1999), in which she is both the lyricist of nine songs and worship leader.

Her background in nursing has led to extensive outreach and medical ministry in her native Jamaica, West Indies. Through the “WordAlive Mission Tour,” over $1,000,000 worth of food, medicine and clothing have been provided to the people of Jamaica free of charge. Also, over 15,000 men, women and children have received medical care and spiritual counseling in WordAlive’s medical clinics since 1997.

Mainstream media has also bestowed prestigious accolades upon her. Ebony Magazine featured Pastor McCullough as one of the top ministers in the United States. Gospel Today Magazine listed her as one of “The Most Influential African-American Ministers in the Nation” (October/November 1996).

Amid the hectic pace of ministry, Pastor McCullough stays focused on her mission to “clearly define the Gospel of Jesus Christ and equip the saints for living and the work of the ministry.”

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