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Jack Slater Biography

Last updated: 03/25/2003 01:48:45 AM

JACK SLATER stands for brutal, aggressive, fast, furious and on a high technical level performed DEATH METAL, including a big quench of black humor. This at first.

Because a detailed timeline is rather boring, just a few words to that: JACK SLATER was founded 1995. Only Sobo (guit) and Sepp (drums) are left from the original line-up. Björn joined the band 1997 on the bass guitar, the Horn is raping the microphone since 1998. We don't have a regular 2nd guitarist right now, but we are heavily searching for one! Since then Timur from Guerrilla is helping us out...

After very good feedbacks for the 4-track mini-cd CRESCENDO, the LEICHENSCHMAUS promo and many great concerts in and outside of germany, we decided to do a full-length album. Without having the financial backbone of a label in sight, we entered the STONEHENGE STUDIO (e.g. AARDVARKS) eastern 2000 and recorded, mixed and mastered our debut album PLAYCORPSE in just 7 days. Having spend a lot of money, but knowing that we have a well produced album with 8 killer songs in our hands, we were searching again for a label that wanted to release our stuff… nothing happened... at first... But then, at the end of the year 2000, shortly after we would have released the album at our own again with a high financial effort, a small but nice label from Siegburg called us and wanted to make a deal with us: GERNHART RECORDS. We accepted. In february 2001, nearly one year after the recording sessions, PLAYCORPSE has been finally released.

The album gained a great feedback in the german and international underground. Many reviews were written. Many concerts were played. Many people have the album at home. And many people appreciate the hard work, that stands behind such a release and get excited because of the intelligent structure of the songs, the blastbeats, the grooveparts, the extensive guitarwork, the amazing breaks and the furious vocal performance.

Special trade marks from JACK SLATER, besides the high technical level, seem to be our overall german lyrics and the "image" we have, although we never created one: we are no "evil diabolical bloodthirsty satanic virgin-raping dudes". We stand for brutal DEATH METAL. But also we are a bunch of "crazy kids", that have lots of fun in the things we are doing. And that's why we are like we are. We celebrate that in an aggressive live performace where you can see that we love DEATH METAL and have fun doing it. The same on our present release PLAYCORPSE: its filled with black humor. The overall german Lyrics tell small storys, sometimes funny, sometimes not, but always try to be death metal, without only being lame splatter standard death lyrics... some die hard evil death maniacs don't like our fresh, modern, funny "not-standard" way of thinking and doing, but who cares? As long as we like the stuff we are doing, everything is fine. This is and should always be the only important matter for a band: do whatever you like!

The name JACK SLATER is going around in the german an international underground scene, and that's where it belongs! We will consequently make our way. We hate boring standards. We will perform complex brutal death metal combined with non-standard lyrics in the future. We don't have an unholy cross fixed at our butt, but we have a truly evil name: JACK SLATER!