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"What I've always loved about country music is that the
music tells you that we're having a good time, while the
lyrics tell you why we need to have a good time. What I've
always loved about rock and roll is the attitude," explains

Jack writes and records music that talks about real life
and offers moments of insight, comfort and fun outside of
everyday existence. His provocative, but truthfully
universal, songs are evidence of a deep respect for country
music. "(Country music) talks about things that make you
think," says More...

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Review about Jack Ingram songs

Love you Honey | Reviewer: paul t backes
    ------ About the song Love You performed by Jack Ingram

Love this truck that keeps breaking lovin' down.
Love you-Love this town
There's only 1 four letter that'll do
Love you
I would not love this mother lovin' truck that keeps breaking lovin' down but Jack Ingram Would

you did a good job on this songe | Reviewer: stacy hartley
    ------ About the song Lips of an Angel performed by Jack Ingram

i thinke this songe was the great thing becase i think you the boys have graile friends and they broke up and they still have feeling between them and stuff i hope you can under staned this i think that the song really it me a lot i just broke up with mine boy friend and all the time i here you song it make me cray becase he did something to me he love me and stuff but now i have nuther male friend in mine life now and i happy with that i just writeing to you that you need to do more songs like lips of angle becase i think the people can relate to songs like that may be boy's and grails will thinke what they are doing with there male friedns and stuff and may be it will send the meggeys to the griels to to stope and think before they brack up with one or nuther i hope you keep up the good work on your songs and stuff can you send me some infore massge on your next cd and stuff your some thinks on it i do not have the money to get his stuff write can you send me some stuff please here is mine address 175 n mcguire apt 9 manteno il 60950 thnake you and i hope i will here from you all soon from stacy lynn hartley

I Love Jack's NEW Song! | Reviewer: Tianna
    ------ About the song Measure Of A Man performed by Jack Ingram

Measure Of A Man is such a GREAT song! I'm going to keep requesting it until it gets to #1 on the charts!

Awesome | Reviewer: Allyson
    ------ About the song Lips of an Angel performed by Jack Ingram

It was great!

Ingram rocks!!! | Reviewer: Tess from Oklahoma
    ------ About the song Wherever You Are performed by Jack Ingram

I am a 70s Southern California rock fan - America, Eagles, Jackson Browne, JD Souther, Linda Ronstadt, Dan Fogleberg - so I can find very little music that appeals to me these days. I'm hard-pressed to find melody and harmony anywhere, especially with a 50 yr old boyfriend who claims he likes System of a Down and Queens of the StoneAge...But I caught Jack Ingram's new song on CMT while channel surfing, and it knocked me out. I love the words, but it's the melody and Jack's voice that really grabbed me. I am so tired of the hat acts and hoochy mama videos on CMT, and Jack's video is all about the SONG. Whenever it comes on, I crank it up full blast. I plan to buy the CD because of this one song. Rock on, Jack!!!

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