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Jack Frost Biography

Last updated: 09/25/2003 10:18:07 PM

Jack Frost is quite an unusual band that hails from Austria. They have been around for more than ten years now in one form or another and have several album releases through their native CCP Records behind them. It has been raining all day and still does when I sit down to write this review and it seems like that is actually the perfect gray melancholic background for the music of this album to come alive. Jack Frost performs some strange mixture of gothic rock and doom metal, finding a way to forge together the two forms of music that they love the most. The music is sad, heavy with a powerful drive that thrusts the listener forward all the time. There are some nice songs and melodies covered in a depressive gray shade on this album but unfortunately it lacks that little extra which makes a band take a step out of the masses. The dark vocals also seem to lack depth which easily makes them hide behind the music. This is a little bit too similar to what hundreds of modern day dep(ression)-pop bands are trying to achieve. Not a bad release though and I do not doubt the fact that Jack Frost will appeal more to many of you than they did to me. An original album title though which on the other hand doesn't mean anything... Stand-out tracks: "Mother Mary Sleeps With Me", "One Hundred Percent Pain".