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Jack's Broken Heart Biography

Last updated: 07/02/2003 04:18:37 AM

Jack's Broken Heart is a talented and determined band from San Diego, California. Over the past two years, this young, yet mature five piece has managed to establish themselves as one of the fastest up and coming groups to surface from the SoCal music scene in years.

Jack's Broken Heart formed in September of 1999. Only three short months after their beginning, the band recorded their first EP/Demo, titled 'Against Forgetting' entirely on their own. The recording was never meant to be released. It was solely created with the intention of having a good sounding demo to book shows with. The EP was met with such a strong demand that JBH pressed a thousand copies. As a result, 'Against Forgetting' is now out of print.

Over the next year, Jack's Broken Heart began to catch the attention of SoCal music fans, sharing the stage with bands such as Jimmy Eat World, Samiam, Hot Water Music, the Juliana Theory, and Hey Mercedes. Well-known for Jason Guilliani's 'open book' style of writing and the bands emotionally intense live show, the group has quickly developed an impressive following.
In November of 2000, Jack's Broken Heart went through a minor line-up change. Bassist, Kyle Thompson moved to the Los Angeles area to pursue a career in recording. Lee LaDouceur stepped in as the bands' youngest member. This was also the month that the band went into Double Time Studios to record their second 5-song demo, this time with Jeff Forrest (Blink 182, Rocket From the Crypt, Fluf, Jejune, and Kill Holiday). This EP was also intended for promotional use only. To make the music more accessible, and to let their fans know what they were up to, JBH decided to post the new material on Within days, 'Loved and Lost Everything' reached #1 on the 'Emo'charts, where it stayed for well over 8 weeks, beating out bands like the Juliana Theory and New Found Glory. The song also hit #3 on the 'Punk' charts and #7 on the 'Alternative' charts. Jack's Broken Heart has received over 100,000 downloads from and even though they have not posted material since the end of last year, their songs still remain in the higher rankings to this day.Without limiting their acclaim to the aforementioned, Jack's Broken Heart has been recognized by the media as well. Slamm magazine and the San Diego Union Tribune's Night and Day have predicted JBH, along with a select group of well-respected bands (Rocket from the Crypt, Tristeza), to explode from the San Diego music scene in 2001. Surprisingly, the group's first EP/demo, 'Against Forgetting,' received a nomination for 'Best Alternative Album' for the 2001 San Diego Music Awards. The band itself was also nominated for 'Best Alternative Band.' The results will be announced October 9th.

The band is currently writing material for a full-length record, tentatively titled, 'The End of Your Era.' Jack's Broken Heart is also in the process of independently booking their first U.S. tour. For updates and more information about Jack's Broken Heart, please visit