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“I’m going to be honest and let you see me because I’ve
never really let you see me before. I’m putting myself on
the line here.”

“This is the real me. Am I the girl that you want me to be
… with flaws and fears of intimacy?” (“The Real Me”). It’s
a question that Word Records artist Jaci Velasquez is
asking for the first time in a nine-year career span, eight
top-selling records and 23 years of life.
On Unspoken, her first English language studio album in
nearly two years, (March 25 release), the platinum-selling
artist knowingly took a risk and laid herself and her soul More...

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Review about Jaci Velasquez songs
"The Love of the Lord is far more than our love for ourself" | Reviewer: Alyzza
    ------ About the song I Promise performed by Jaci Velasquez

Indeed God is gracious that He accepts us for who we are. I could say His love for us is so great and unconditional.I like the song for it really reflects me now.. Just recently, I found how God made His way to me, to reach me and tell me that He prepared a love story for me. A love story that is specially made by Him and is never been told. I really found the Lord working on it when i experienced broken relationship and was heart broken. He was so close to me. I knew that.

This song reminds me of God's promises like that He would never leave nor forsake me; He is enough for me; there is always a time to reap and sow; everything good comes to those who wait; and He is always there for me..

In God's time - a time that God knows I'm ready - He would reveal the right person for me at the right circumstances. God is in control and I would hold on to his promises for me...

He is so faithful.. God loves us so much.. God answers prayers!
God bless us all. ;-)

A promise of purity | Reviewer: Kate
    ------ About the song I Promise performed by Jaci Velasquez

Its really inspiring even when we have made mistakes in life, it still makes us have hope that God can still give us a new start and a new love story. I know that God is really re-writing my love story. Blessings!!!!

He knows me | Reviewer: Sibuibo daimai
    ------ About the song I Promise performed by Jaci Velasquez

When i heard this song for the first time, it really reflect straight towards my life. Though iam nothing, poor, and young He knows my needs and provided me with handful of joy and happiness. Throught this song i realized myself to dedicate my life unto GOD.

great inspiration | Reviewer: emil luck
    ------ About the song On My Knees performed by Jaci Velasquez

Dis wonderful gospel song has really inspired me to always go on my knees instead of being worried. It has also inspired me to get some revelational songs write up. So so so grateful to God for dis

miracle | Reviewer: RoZvEe
    ------ About the song On My Knees performed by Jaci Velasquez

See I'm not christian but I believe in jesus,I live through him everyday of my life.I'm an orphaned child,and now I literally am on the streets.however this awesome song came to me yesterday whilst I was being vulgarly abused and mocked,ever since,this song seems like the only thing that can carry me through whatever happened henceforth.I take my hat of for the writer of this awesome song.may God grant us all strength to carry on,no matter what may come our way,let us get on our knees

    ------ About the song God Loves You performed by Jaci Velasquez

The first time I heard this song on the TOUCHED BY AN ANGEL soundtrack, I was mezmorised... what a beautiful, soft and delicate song!

So gentle, it is a perfect accompaniment to moments of private thought, sorrow but lifts you up with the songs powerful message of hope.

I have always thought I would have this played at my funeral, as the committal song, to show non-believers that God is there to help you on your journey at the end- for this is only the beginning. He is not to be feared, nor is death to ne mourned.

Thank you Jaci for this truly beautiful song. What a pity it is not on any of your albums(not that I could see, anyway!)

without God we are nothing | Reviewer: lalay_lyn2@93
    ------ About the song I Promise performed by Jaci Velasquez

this song is so amazing... how beautiful it is. sobrng touched ako when i heard the song. it is true, that God knows our future. in Jeremiah 29:11 "for i know the plans I have for you". declares the Lord. "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future".
so, we only need is to wait the right time and if it is well of God....
we love you so much omnipotent God.,,,,, we wait you until you come back.

have got all with my knees | Reviewer: kelvin Johnson
    ------ About the song On My Knees performed by Jaci Velasquez

I'm really greatful 2 God for inspiring you with this wonderful track that has given solution to the wrong alternatives of men seeking short way 2 thier problems.This song really makes know that i can be who i wanna be i can have all that i need 2 have,infact that all things are possible for when I GET ON MY KNEES,.thank u so much jaci God bless u more.

Awakener of spirit. | Reviewer: Chinyere okoro
    ------ About the song On My Knees performed by Jaci Velasquez

Whenever I listen to this song,i'm always awakened in spirit. It reveals to me that God is not far from me. If only I can kneel that and talk to Him, He comes down with His unfailin love and touch me. Jaci God bless you and empower you for more.

It connect me | Reviewer: Tonia O
    ------ About the song On My Knees performed by Jaci Velasquez

This song connect me emotionally n spiritually to my God.when I listens to this song,(on my knees),i will feel over flowing power of God.He's awesomeness.I feel Gods presence overwhelmed me when I listen to this song.I feel @ peace.I say kudos to jaci velasquez

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