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If the company you keep is any indication of your own
merit, then Def Jam’s latest rap phenomenon, Ja Rule is
destined for greatness. Juggling roles within DMX’s Ruff
Ryder camp and Jay-Z’s Roc-a-fella imprint, the 21-year old
native of Hollis, Queens has been responsible for some of
today’s hottest hip hop verses. Ja’s distinctive
gravel-stone voice and fiery presence have blessed projects
that include: "Murdergram" a single on the Streets is
Watching Soundtrack; Jay-Z’s "Can I Get A…;" and "Gangsta
Shit" from DJ Clue’s The More...

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Review about Ja Rule songs
I give a 5/10 | Reviewer: Vyvienne Hill
    ------ About the song Livin' It Up performed by Ja Rule

I've seen better and I've seen worse. Though none of the songs have this many a curse. It looks like it was hurriedly made. But in my head, it's still played. The rhythm was off beat. But it was covered up in the heat. This song tells a tale and will get many a sale. Have a good day, but don't throw your life away O_o

Ja is boss | Reviewer: Young c
    ------ About the song Loose Change performed by Ja Rule

You people dont undrstnd em is always says that kim is a slut in his songs and his mother she was crazy,so i dont blame Ja Rule for what he said,he was just askin if hallie will take after her mother or grandmother.i love em but ja rule killed him with dat.fuck 50 he think he is the boss of rap.if Tony Yayo leave g unit 50 cent wont make it to rap game.ja rule,the game,jadakiss,dr dre and eminem are bosses,50 is a shit.

Wow | Reviewer: Linden
    ------ About the song Loose Change performed by Ja Rule

Im fan of both but alot of these people commenting cleary dont have any idwa of what they are talking about. Do yall not know that 50 cent dissed ja's kids then aftermath jumped on ja after..then it looked like ja rule had enough n made this diss. Almost everybody that doesnt know the full story hatin on ja cmon man

Motherf**** | Reviewer: Caitlin
    ------ About the song Loose Change performed by Ja Rule

I was so pissed and thats the point. How low can Ja Rule sink to diss another rappers daughter. For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about look at the lyrics to Eminems song "Like Toy Soldiers" I think Eminem makes songs that the lyrics are meaningful this is shit.

ja rule is gay | Reviewer: eminems biggest fan
    ------ About the song Loose Change performed by Ja Rule

Does Ja Rule really think he's cool? like uh I don't think so hes an asshole who doesn't have a life so he tries to start shit with random people, sorry but it must be said, eminem could beat his ass. Eminem is the shit and this guy is shit so that says it all. oh and i'm not even sure why i capitalized Ja Rules name he doesnt deserve it

real shit, i luv dat | Reviewer: d King
    ------ About the song Loose Change performed by Ja Rule

well, ja rule is d boss, i luv wat he said against em, 50 and Dre. Em's mother is a creackhead, why?, Kim is a slug, so why? I luv dat question ja ask em about d daughter. Ja rule, keep killing dem cus u r d boss. Dre, why should u be gay. Suge said it, tupac called u a queer, so why should u. 50 is d most trouble maker. He deserv wat ja rule said, if he dont take time, he will be short again.

Ja | Reviewer: REAL
    ------ About the song Loose Change performed by Ja Rule

This is rap, accept it. What are ya all liking 'bout Eminem anyway, ok, he's good, and he took payback, 'cause thats what rappers do. If you can't handle this shit you better listen to other music, no rap fo you.

Fck ja rule ugly as mofo' | Reviewer: I <3 eminem
    ------ About the song Loose Change performed by Ja Rule

Aja I guess you jst jealous of eminem and if you hate him so much er some shixt why did you write a song containing hiss name fuckinqq dumbass..... keep on hating on him cause he don't give a fuck and he ain't gunna spend his precious time withh you ugly ass !! C:

Eminem <3 fuck who hates.
Cause he don't give a fuck

Haters can keep talking shixt

R.I.P Ja Lose | Reviewer: Stan
    ------ About the song Loose Change performed by Ja Rule

Ja you immature dwarf, grow up! Ja i don't know how to tell you this but YOU'RE NEVER GONNA BE 2PAC!! I'm Eminem's biggest fan but i kinda feel sorry for Ja... I mean, Ja used to be famous but i guess he brought this to himself, you can't diss Hailie and expect your career to not end... Ja is so dumb he can't even spell 'murder', Eminem is da real murderer cos he's ended the careers of Ja-Rule, Benzino, Everlast etc... And he's gonna add Canibus to his collection soon... Long Live The King Eminem! The Hip-Hop Messiah!

This Song Is Stupid | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Loose Change performed by Ja Rule

Ja Rule is just an idiot who thinks overusing the words "nigga" and "faggot", plus hating on other (in my opinion, better) rappers/singers makes a good song. It doesn't.

Also, who says that stuff about kids? That's just not even right. All he did with his song is show people how much of an asshole he is.

Go fuck yourself - or better yet, let Eminem beat the crap out of you.

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