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JJ72, a three piece rock band from Dublin, Ireland.

What does their name mean? No one except the
vocalist/guitarist Mark Greaney knows that, and no one is
likely to ever find out. Because, like the music, the name
is full of mystery, depth and intensity.

The band formed when Mark Greaney and Fergal Matthews
(drummer) were still at their school sixth form. Fergal
asked Mark to play with him as long as the band remained
'his band'. But, has it? Mark Greaney, song writer,
guitarist, vocalist, musician, promoter... the list is
endless More...

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Reviews about JJ72 songs

Makes me dream of an old flame | Reviewer: Manu Loganey
    ------ About the song Willow performed by JJ72

The Song Willow in filled with deep emotional feeling
It remains me of old days with a flame of love that has left while words were said forever at that time
So everyone has his own expression to that song-
feels like if she sings right through to me...

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