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J-Hype Biography

Last updated: 02/18/2013 06:49:19 AM

Singer/Songwriter/Producer J-Hype learned how to make music before he learned how to tie his shoes, playing the piano at the age of 4, before later adding drums, bass, and guitar to his repertoire. He credits his early love of music to his parents, who kept his New York home filled with the sounds of The Beatles, Prince, Michael Jackson, Queen, Steve Wonder and many other great musicians. "By listening to those records, I had the best possible musical education I could've asked for" J says of his childhood.

His music reflects the variety of his influences; J-Hype prides himself on creating music that is a blend of R&B, rock and pop in a style that has connected with fans all over the world who share a musical kinship with him. In a little over a year, his YouTube channel has received over 2.3 million views, and his digital download sales have reached close to five thousand, with well over 100,000 free downloads of the songs featured on his debut mixtape, I'm Not Like The Other Guys. One track, "New York City Gurls ft. AC" released on iTunes in January 2011, was featured in Billboard magazine. His version of John Lennon's "Imagine" was also featured on

In addition to writing and producing his own music, he has worked on producing other artists through his production company Mental Instruments, including Lee Carr's "Breathe" which hit number 94 on the Billboard Hip Hop/R&B charts. Other notable records that he produced include Justin Bieber's "Latin Girl," and Lil Wayne's "I Feel Me."

In October 2011, J-Hype released a new 7-song EP titled There With You which features the singles "Boomerang" and "I'm There With You," and also features his mash-up of Enrique Iglesias' "I Like How It Feels" and The Rolling Stones' classic "Satisfaction." The track drew the attention of Grammy winning producer RedOne who contacted J through Twitter to praise his mash-up of the two songs.

His most personal work to date, There With You shows his different sides to his audience. Rather than working with pre-made instrumentals, J stripped the writing process down to the bare minimum writing most of the songs with just a piano, recalling his start as a child plunking away at the keys "It was refreshing just sitting down at the piano, taking it back to a more old school approach to songwriting."

J-Hype looks forward to the future, with hopes that one day the world will be singing his songs.

"I would like to say thanks to all of my friends and supporters for joining me on this journey. Your support means the world to me. I look forward to growing with you, and delivering many, many years of great music to you. I'll always be There With You."