J. Cole Albums

  • Born Sinner Album (6/18/2013)
    Kerney Sermon (Skit)
    Land Of The Snakes
    Power Trip
    Mo Money (Interlude)
    She Knows
    Rich Niggaz
    Where's Jermaine? (Skit)
    Forbidden Fruit
    Chaining Day
    Ain't That Some Shit (Interlude)
    Crooked Smile
    Let Nas Down
    Born Sinner
    Bonus Tracks
    Miss America
    New York Times
    Is She Gon Pop
    Niggaz Know
    Sparks Will Fly

  • Truly Yours 2 Album (5/1/2013)
    Cole Summer
    Kenny Lofton
    Chris Tucker
    Head Bussa
    3 wishes

  • Truly Yours Album (2/12/2013)
    Can I Holla At Ya?
    Crunch Time
    Rise Above
    Tears For ODB

  • Cole World: The Sideline Story Album (9/27/2011)
    Dollar And A Dream III
    Can't Get Enough
    Lights Please
    Sideline Story
    Mr. Nice Watch
    Cole World
    In The Morning
    Lost Ones
    Nobody's Perfect
    Never Told
    Rise And Shine
    God's Gift
    Cheer Up
    Nothing Lasts Forever
    Work Out
    Daddy's Little Girl

  • Any Given Sunday #5 Album (9/1/2011)
  • Any Given Sunday #1 Album (9/1/2011)
  • Any Given Sunday #2 Album (9/1/2011)
  • We Got A Buzz Now Album (6/1/2011)
  • Friday Night Lights Album (11/1/2010)
  • The Warm Up Album (6/15/2009)
  • The Come Up Album (9/1/2007)

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    mashe made in heven | Reviewer: wise man
        ------ About the album Friday Night Lights performed by J. Cole

    I hope u well c this.i think u my hero u made me file rael I wish I can bail from that peches.u gut me thinking abut my mom.maybe 1day al convince GOD 2bail u auto cos I can c dvl growing on u.i am ranging qwek c.i wand 2 talk with u.u tollt me not trust my nabs

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