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Awkword Its Not Possible Lyrics

Last updated: 02/04/2014 06:07:41 PM

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Passion and practice to block all the trap shit
Twenty five day so they call me white rapper
Let's move this, I'm Jimmy Connor with the rap here
I'm roofless I'm Jimmy Connor with the rocket
I bust some then I ball a lot of matches
I'm done with all, on the floor without matches
So Alice, I trap and smoke, white habit
Kind of hard to grace but time it's cool on acid
I know it's all relative but act with the hole packet
Chick said, then she told I was done here
So what it's that maker, leave me with the fragments
I guess speaking thankful since I cross some plastics
Better than before and mom wanna stay active
All working, no play, make choppers, no busters
My homies said : 'Bro, come out and get blasting!'
And I'm like no, you know the hate I attract here
And things it goes crazy if I think I'm reacting
I did all things, until again it happened
Dudes, still all my friend and again I stop it
I just snap, damn come bust it all I guess it's matching
That's a lot of madness that I already have it
Save the fight for the revolution, black habit
I try to be back and kick all of this habits
I should be home with my girl not in the lab rapping
...they can't stop the floor
It's not possible, I pay a lot more bro
All day horrible, they can't truck me thou
It's no possible, I came chase this dog
All day horrible, they can't truck me thou
It's no possible, I came chase this dog

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