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Gazette Ito (English) Lyrics

Last updated: 10/16/2011 12:00:00 PM

Since we started our relationship,
It seems it's been for almost a year and a half
When it becomes so
We have our quarrels and talked about separating
The time which we put in together is
Each other's sense of values
Have become different.

The one who took your bright smile
Was me

I tried to forget.
My feelings towards you,
Somehow it seems that I have finally
Realized them
I took such a long time didn't I?
You were always alone
You cried didn't you?
I'm sorry
All that was pointed out were lonely thoughts.
June 8th, A clear day
Today's your birthday
There was a small short cake
And like a child you rejoiced
Everything was
Filled with happiness
No matter in how many years
It will always remain the same

The one who destroyed your smile
Was me.
It had been my intention to understand you
More than anyone else would have been able to

At the beach we walked to
There's now only one person's footprints
The heart which is close to those only,
In times when it can't be seen, it is far away

What I can remember are
Nothing but the good memories
When I think of them now it makes me happy
Though anything and everything else was slow
I met you
For that, I'm really glad.

I want to return to that summer that you, whom I have lost, were in...
I want to return to that summer that you, whom I have lost, were in...