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Marvin Gaye It Takes Two Lyrics

Last updated: 03/23/2013 04:11:14 PM

HER: One can have a dream, baby
HIM: Two can make that dream so real
HER: One can talk about bein' in love
HIM: Two can say how it really feels
HER: One can wish upon a star
HIM: Two can make that wish come true, yeah
HER: One can stand alone in the dark
HIM: Two can make the light shine through

It takes two, baby
It takes two, baby
Me and you, just takes two
It takes two, baby
It takes two, baby
To make a dream come true, just takes two

HER: One can have a broken heart, livin' in misery
HIM: Two can really ease the pain like a perfect remedy
HER: One can be alone in a car, on a night like these all alone
HIM: Two can make just any place seem just like bein' at home


Just takes two, just takes two

HER: One can go out to a movie, lookin' for a special treat
HIM: Two can make that single movie somethin' really kinda sweet
HER: One can take a walk in the moonlight, thinkin' that it's really nice
HIM: But two walkin' hand-in-hand is like addin' just a pinch of spice

(repeat chorus and fade)

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It Takes Two | Reviewer: John Lazenby | 3/22/13

I am currently rehearsing this song and many other Motown and early Soul and R&B songs for a set that I am singing at a charity event in May. Not my usual style. I usually sing Swing and Jazz at weddings and corporate functions but I will be adding this and the others to my sets going forward. Great song.

It Takes two.... | Reviewer: Frank Delacoe | 8/12/11

What a great great song, from a time when Motown ruled the world and anyone with a heart and soul absorbed the music like a drug.
Marvin Gaye - a legend of his time, but like all legends cut dowm before his work was done.
Play this music if you have it, its guaranteed to bring those memories flooding back, if youre young enough not to have heard any of this music, get some friends together one evening and play it loud - bets are on you will be "dancing in the streets" just like we did.
Long may Motown live...