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The Band It Makes No Difference Lyrics

Last updated: 11/27/2013 06:48:20 AM

Guitar (capo 3rd fret)

It makes no diff'rence where I turn
Em G/D Am7
I can't get over you and the flame still burns
It makes no diff'rence, night or day
Em G/D Am7
The shadow never seems to fade away

Am7/D G Em7 C D G C
And the sun don't shine anymore
G Em7 C D G C G
And the rains fall down on my door

Now there's no love
As true as the love
C A7
That dies untold
G Em7 C D G C G
But the clouds never hung so low before

It makes no diff'rence how far I go
Like a scar the hurt will always show
It makes no diff'rence who I meet
They're just a face in the crowd
On a dead-end street
And the sun don't shine anymore
And the rains fall down on my door

These old love letters
Well, I just can't keep
'Cause like the gambler says
Read 'em and weep
And the dawn don't rescue me no more

D Bm
Without your love I'm nothing at all
C Cm
Like an empty hall it's a lonely fall
D Bm
Since you've been gone it's a losing battle
Stampeding cattle
Am D
They rattle the walls

And the sun don't shine anymore
And the rains fall down on my door

Well, I love you so much
It's all I can do
Just to keep myself from telling you
That I never felt so alone before

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Yes best "lost love" song ever | Reviewer: Evert | 11/27/13

I'm glad so many of you agree. Just heard the album version on YouTube. I know it from the Last Waltz, man that horn solo, the singing together be-f-o-ore... the hurt in that song, just cracks me up all the time. Like Roberta Flack's Jesse and The First Time (Ever I Saw Your Face) and Janis Ian's At Seventeen it touches me profoundly. Art of the highest most beautiful order. Cheers.

Comes Together | Reviewer: kwillie | 9/16/13

Great music usually has everything going. Rick's voice is perfect in sincerity and pain, the chords and subtle strings, and the words work to paint the feeling. A perfect communication of the lonliness of love lost. I listen to the greatness of the Band to get in touch with honest, skilled musicanship, heart and soul, and most of the time, they revealed how much they enjoyed each other, and making music for us.

Brilliant...truly! | Reviewer: Karen | 11/24/12

everyone here in these posts has it RIGHT- this is the MOST beautifully heartbreaking song ever written and performed. I recently saw a Denver ensemble playing the Last Waltz (done every year the night before Thanksgiving, proceeds going to the Denver Rescue Mission), and I realized two things....EVERYONE in the theater KNOWS how this song feels- everyone knows how this heartache feels. AND....this song wants you to feel it. The song wants you to wallow in the pain....and it allows you to.
masterful. truly brilliant!

faithfull tribute version | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/25/11

check out My Morning Jacket's version of this song on the compilation album Endless Highway, with various artists singing The Band's songs. Album isn't great apart from this song which is easily the best song on it.
Yes, on the original you just know Rick means it.
Japer McQuarrie, fan of The Band, Bob, Van, Creedence.

Best I Ever heard - that's for sure.... | Reviewer: J.C. | 10/8/10

Best unrequited love song I ever heard. Best delivery too. Danko is as raw as it gets and never overplays the song. Check out youtube "It Makes No Difference" The Band 9/2/83" Wow is he playing the hell out that song. I loved the song when I heard it so many years ago and I love it more today. RIP Rick.

Come back to me | Reviewer: Wof-n-Kat | 9/17/09

I lost the love of my life a long time ago but this song makes me cry like it was yesterday every time I hear it. The song articulates the power of love and the horror and desolation of lost love.
Come back to me Kathy

Im doing it makes no differance on my youtube page with my guitar and my voice | Reviewer: Hardshark4 | 9/13/09

I hope all the band fans such as Iam totally will come with all good heartedness to my page to hear this lovely ballad sung only the way rick danko could have sung it , Iam very sorry to hear he had died . I had know their drummer levon had cancer think he died prematurly of that . such great tragedy but the band if you watch the last walz which I totally reccomend their last concert together their farewell . Robbie robertson talks about only having so much fate to out live living a lifetime in bars an venues stadiums and tours he said ironically thats what took the lives of Jimmy hendrix , Janis , and Morrison early the drama of there lives played unfortunely to quickly for them to realize there gifts were being kiddnapped and randsacked right from under neath themselves before they even had a chance to ask for help or even knew they were to become to any great danger of there lives .This is my home page youtube link Iam a guitar singer songwriter from Pittsburgh Pa , My real name is Glen Gernat Im pleased to get to know all of you

Heartbreaking | Reviewer: anonymous | 8/18/09

No other song ever written captures heartbreak like this. When an old lover got in touch recently, it brought back how much pain her leaving caused me. Instead of writing her in my own words i told her to listen to this song. Danko's phrasing captures what I felt about her (and still do 20years later) more than I could say to her any other way.

i only just heard this a few days ago | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/2/09

It's amazing! I can't believe how beautiful and heartbreaking this song is. Truly a perfect conjunction of lyrics (which would have puzzled me if I'd just read them on paper), delivery (which would have sounded overcooked if the lyrics weren't so beautiful--the way he hangs back behind the beat a little I mean), and music (which just kind of meets up with the singer and the words in such a perfect way--I'm not a musician so I don't know how to say it, it just all meshes together).

For Julie (a long time ago) | Reviewer: Dennis Pearson | 4/10/09

This is the best love song ever written and/or performed! The plain-spoken lyrics so artfully capture the hopelessness you feel after losing a lover, and Rick Danko's profound vocal rendering will make you cry every time you hear this tender piece of fine art.

Grief, Passion, and Truth | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/8/09

The best love song ever written and sung. Tears in a voice, a raw heart and a bared soul. RobbieRobertson wrote a master piece, and Rick Danko gave us himself in this song. No mask here, just gorgeous music, and a purity that's unparalleled. This is the sound that I live for. The Band was a virtuoso carnival. It is immortal.

Great song, use a capo | Reviewer: Joeythunders | 2/2/09

I agree this is one of the best rock ballads ever. If you're trying to play this on guitar, I think it'll be better to slap a capo on 1 and play the relative chords D-D/Db-Gbm-Gbm/E-Cb7-E, then for the chorus A-Gbm-D-E... this will make it easier to do the walking bass notes in between the chords which make the song. Check out Danko's solo acoustic version on Youtube, no capo but h's tunes up half a step.

And let me know if I am wrong!

Killer | Reviewer: Claudia | 1/3/09

Robbie nailed it on this one with the lyrics. But it's Rick Danko's anguished vocal that kills, especially in light of his lifelong addiction problems and premature death. He always seemed like such a sunny guy on the outside, but like most addicts he hurt like hell inside.
I saw Danko not too long after the Band broke up, when he was still in his prime, and was shocked to see him again years later. Sad. I just love this tune. It was a favorite of an old boyfriend's too - ironically he also had terrible addiction problems.

Thank you Rick | Reviewer: Paul Vdbon | 11/22/08

This is one of my favorite songs since the first time I heard it, and it still makes my flesh creep. I was touched by the loneliness and the desperation from the music, the chords, and especially Rick Danko's singing. And only later when I learned to understand the english language I was amazed again that the lyrics told exactly what I had felt before by only hearing the music. Thank you Rick.
(And look at 1min03: you can see the satisfaction on Robbie’s face "There is nothing better than this...")

the love of rick danko | Reviewer: mac baggy | 10/10/08

i just love that song so much ,all my mates hate it they think it is a pile shit put than my mates are a bunch of you fill in the rest come on the danko check out sip of wine 1977 danko