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Red Roses For A Blue Lady It Doesn't Make Me Ten Again Lyrics

Last updated: 02/18/2003 09:21:05 PM

I'd like to smell the fear shivering on your lips and I'd like to taste the sweet revenge of cutting out your tongue, because your words sound better red spilled upon my floor knowing I won't have to live with you anymore... and I would've rather never known that your blood inhabited my veins because with each nights turn I think about ending it all in account of you, because of you, god, I hate you, only because of you... time was on your side to find a solution to your problem of finding rid of me... nine months had past and so long your chance... remember those unloved days and fear filled nights, they're now your burden, along with myself looking to spill the blood that binds... I don't want to love; I don't want to love you... I don't want to love you anymore... did you ever think that your own creation would come back to kill you? or were you expecting love from me even though I grew so far from you? it's inevitable with a father like you... you never felt pain like I felt pain... it hurts with your blood in my veins