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Sheryl Crow It's Only Love Lyrics

Last updated: 01/08/2008 10:00:00 AM

I think I met my match again
Standing round the candlelight
In the middle of this blizzard
You stood and melted all the ice o

It's only love
It's only love

If only love comes round again
It will have been
Worth the ride o
You were master of so many
Savior to none
I waged all of my hopes so plenty on you
Now look what I've become


Sometimes lonely is not only a word
But faces I have known
And if you see me could you free me with a smile
So I can let go


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Truth | Reviewer: Marlee | 1/6/2008

I agree with Bob, the reviewer before me. However, I have my own two cents to add to meaning of this song. Of course, everyone will have their own interpretation of the lyrics, and I can only offer my opinion. I bought this album the summer after sixth grade. Seventh grade was an emotional period for me, like any pubescent tween, and I experienced heartbreak for my very first time; thus, starting my familiarity of the concept of "unrequited love." Now here I am, five years later and the love of my life has recently left me, disillusioned and uncertain if I could ever be loved. Just like 7th grade, Sheryl was there to help me again. Song like "Over You," "It's So Easy," and "It's Only Love" resonated with me because of my inability to let go. I can never give up that last remaining bit of hope that my love will return to me. Then I listen to that lyric, "And if you see, could you free me with a smile, so I can let go?" Words have never been more true. Please, could you just let me know that we are alright? That everything will be okay, and that I can find true love again?

"I waged all of my hopes so plenty on you
Now look what I've become."

I'm a wreck, a fool, and hopelessly devoted to you. Sorry to borrow from another artist.

Crow is calling | Reviewer: Bob Wernerehl | 11/24/2007

This is a song where the music really sweeps you away first and foremost. I listened to it many times before deciding to really try and understand the words. But upon doing so, we find at least this one gem "And if you see me could you free me with a smile,
So I can let go?" I added the question mark at the end to note that it really is a question, and one I often feel in my everyday life. If we just smiled a bit more at each other, life would be better.