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The Ramones I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend Lyrics

Last updated: 11/18/2013 05:04:37 PM

Hey, little girl
I wanna be your boyfriend
Sweet little girl
I wanna be your boyfriend
Do you love me babe?
What do you say?
Do you love me babe?
What can I say?
Because I wanna be your boyfriend

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None of you have any idea what you're talking about. (period) | Reviewer: A N T I | 11/18/13

First off, why is anyone talking about anything but the Ramones on here. Secondly, Punk did not start in England as was suggested earlier. English bands were inspired by New York punks. Thirdly, the song is several minutes long not seconds. Hope that clears things up. You're welcome. P.S. Become literate. Not just in spelling and reading, but also culture. ( Pop, punk, war, customary, bacterial, counter, etc.) My point is LEARN SOMETHING.

No Bullshit Just the Facts | Reviewer: Normal | 11/30/12

What more can you say to a girl that gets you fuckin crazy? Nothing else matters. Yo, Hey little girl, I wanta be your boyfriend. Its direct, honest, and no holds barred. They ain't trying to be intellectuals, they just want to go down in the alley and do the nasty. I do consider this poetry. Primal and fundamental. They understand what rock and roll is all about. Its music any kid in the world could play.

I Agree | Reviewer: IrishGrenade | 9/3/10

I completely agree with Oi_skinhead the Ramones were not the gods of punk I would have the say the first real god-head of punk would have to the sex pistols....the the band in America would have to be like: Misfits, Black Flag, Rancid, D.R.I, I could go on all day who really gives a flying fuck about what avril lavigne does.
Listen to some good music not avril lavigne for God sake.

will you all shut the fuck up! | Reviewer: Oi_skinhead | 2/26/10

who gives a fuck about avril lavigne? i don't care if she's getting sued, and i don't care who's suing her. and to the people who reckon punk was started by the ramones almost single handedly. well it wasn't. punk started in england, with bands like ddr.feelgood and the damned and MC5. that's true original punk along with the sex pistols, the clash.

JusT one thing | Reviewer: PunkY Goof | 11/15/09

I will Only Say ThaT Ramones Are The Best BAND EVER!!!!!!!!!!, they Are so direct that the dont need long lyrics to make a good song! they are like gods for great and simple music. all ramones song are the best thing you will ever heard, you can even ask a chik to be your girlfriend whit this song!!!! MAN!!! GABBA GABBA HEY to all RAMONES fans. Avril Is just a little Poser!!!

give peace a chance | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/8/09

hahaha.. settle down people. The Ramones and their estates don't give a shit about any of you.. You're all dollar signs in their eyes and that's what Avril and the music industry is all about - making money.. Go smoke some pot or plant a tomato bush. Curb your anger...

You are all morons | Reviewer: Anthony | 6/29/09

Ok let me first off start by saying u are all lame!! Comparing The Ramones to Avril Lavigne is the dumbest thing ever. Seriously, Joey, Johnny , Tommy,Marky Dee Dee made it into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame! Can Avril even claim that? When was the last time a big band covered one of her songs? Huh, NEVER!!

The Ramones revolutionized Rock and Roll music. And they did it with 3 Chords and fast lyrics. And HELLO The Ramones recorded that song in 1976 so how the fuck could they copy her? Give me a brake. They sold out all over the world revolutionized music inspired every little punk band out there. The New York Punk scene will thrive forever and your little Tween hero Avril will be forgotten but its been almost 30 Years and people are still listening and discovering The Ramones. THE band they never sold out and always played the music THEY wanted to do.

So in conclusion all Ramones fans I salute you "Gabba Gabba HEY! But to all the Ramones haters out there go to the corner of 53rd and 3rd and sell yourself you stupid tweeny boppers cause The Punk scene would eat you alive!

legends and who disagrees can be delt with(baseball bat) | Reviewer: Huss | 5/24/09

The Ramones are legends,all those emo's talking about avril slut ,wtf go listen to my genital romance or whatever cry babies you pathetic no excuses for a human listen to.Calling emo's punks wont change a thing.I don't like using the word poseur,but you are just posing as a someone who deserves to hear music.Damn when I flush in the toilet it makes more music then avril labitch.
By the way i can already expect your response:
"Oh my gawd avril is the shiznit she' todaly punk rawk omg omg omg she's so kool part of her hair is pink,how dare you say that about her I'm gonna cut my self."
If joey an jhonny knew what your mother's were pregnant with they would have had beat on your momys with a baseball bat.

OMFG! | Reviewer: Stacee | 4/6/09

I dont give a fuck if you're here looking for that fucking avril bitch or not. obviously it says RAMONES. So how the fuck you got here looking for her doesn't really matter. Dont ever compare some gay ass 13 year old sell out bitch to the Ramones. Get a life and move on.

yall are stupid as hell | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/19/09

hey dumbasses, the song isnt nine lines. go listen to it. those are just the only lyrics in the song, the ramones are famous for their 3 chord anthems, not being poets. (RIP dee dee, joey, and Johnny)

uh yeah.... | Reviewer: jackie | 10/14/08

"chodie" can go suck one.

everyone on this entire thing sounds like they've been smoking reefers, the songs are completely different and i know some of you might be shocked by this but the world doesnt revolve around Avril

i like the way mikki put it, read her's everyone=D

...... | Reviewer: Lindsay | 9/22/08

This song doesn't even sound like that Avril song at ALL or have similar lyrics, really. And who cares, really? It's an awesome song, it makes me smile, The Ramones are amazing, and that's all I really care about.

You Better Just Shut It Up | Reviewer: Mikki | 8/1/08

WTF are you talking about, Melanie? ALL the Ramones are dead. And if you had a soul or any brains you'd be listening to the gold-standard Ramones in stead of the Aluminum can pop crap that you think is music!

Uh.. Dude | Reviewer: Melanie | 7/17/08

I came here for the same thing okay? To check dis Avril shyt out. Avril iis ma hero and ii luff her but iim thiinkiin, what the hell, the song is 9 lines . What were they thinking? Probably just trying to take up cd space cus they couldn't think of any more ideas. And the Ramones are being total losers. But does thast mean we gotta swear at them and be total drama queens? If I were the Ramones i'd be pretty annoyed that thats the ONLY reason we came to check this song out, then again its not even a song. But I agree. Ramones, I advise you get reading glasses from a different store because the other store you got yours from caused you to go full retardy .

Move on | Reviewer: Melanie | 7/17/08

Me. Honestly. Huh, I came here for the smae reason you guys came here. TO check dis Avril shyt out. Avril iis ma hero . And, wtf . This song is 9 lines . Who wants to listen to approx 11 second song ? Probabley needed to waste a bit of space on the cd . But does that mean you guys have to shout and total drama queens about it? Grow up. The scene is ova. Move on..