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Lucky Dube It's Not Easy Lyrics

Last updated: 10/22/2014 06:22:13 PM

Lord have mercy...

I remember the day I called mama on the telephone
I told her mama I' m getting married
I could hear her voice on the other side
Of the telephone she was smiling
And she asked me a question
That I proudly answered
She said son did you take time
To know her?
I said mama she is the best
But today it hurts me so to go back to
Mama and say
Mama I' m getting divorced oh
I' m getting divorced

The choice I made didn' t work out the way
I thought it would
This choice I made it hurts me so mama
This choice I made didn' t work out the
Way I thought it would
This choice of mine oh....
Mama said to me

Chorus (x2)
It' s not easy to understand it son
But I hope you' ll make it
You' ll be happy again

I remember in church when the preacherman
Read the scriptures
You looked so beautiful, so beautiful
And so innocent
I did not know that behind that beauty
Lies the true colours that will destroy me
In the near future

This choice I made didn' t work out to be
What I thought it would be
Oh mama this choice I made
Didn' t work out the way I thought it would
Now I' m hurting

I remember when I held you by the hand
Preacherman read the scriptures
Putting words in your mouth
Maybe what the preacherman said
Was not something that was within you
Now I know what they mean when
They say

Beautiful woman
Is another man' s plaything
Oh Lord I' m hurting now
This choice I made didn' t work out the way
I thought it would
This choice of mine oh

mama said to me
it's not easy to understand it son
but i hope you'll make it
you'll be happy again

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It's not easy | Reviewer: Dan Vintzye | 10/15/14

I first heard this music when I was going to pick my wife on a date during courtship and I repeated the song when we were together in the and I realised we were both in luv with the song. We have since wedded and the song remains a lesson for us to keep and cherish our marital promises and vows. Lucky Dube was truly that great preacherman at the alter. RIP the legend.

Really, It is not easy! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/8/14

Lucky is the greatest reggae musician I have ever seen. The track "It's not Easy" is beyond my understanding. It was when I took my time to read the words or lyrics of the track that I realised what he was saying. He sang it all! It is not easy to make that marital vow and back out. U can never know the true colour of a lady irrespective of the number of years u dated. U wil know them truly when they enter into ur house as a wife. Rescinding ur decision then is no more easy. It is not easy. RIP Lucky Dube.

it's not Easy | Reviewer: Bruno | 4/26/14

Oooh! Lalala! Thz song is my favority 1 and many others like Love me the way I am, fugitive, i ve got U baby, etc Lucky Dube there is not other great artist I know like u! When i read ur text ur music how u control ur voice! U r a heaven sent. I always say that u were a prophet. He liked my mother land Rwanda he came so many times and his message was always Love and unity! We needed to hear him that time after our tragedy of Genocide. Dube, ur music heals, teachs, restore, educates, preachs, guides, gives the sense to life. The day u passed away is my birthday! It z remark for me. RIP great man. Big Respect

loving the legend | Reviewer: Mshoza | 4/18/14

I can't believe that's I loved lucky Dube when he had accomplished his mission in this world and he's no way to be seen again.I like this man and remember him a lot. may your soul rest in peace. we adores u

Good people dont last long | Reviewer: calistus nwachukwu | 3/31/14

'Its not easy' is a song i love so makes me wanna cry.The three parties involved,the mother,lucky and the girl makes it incredible.The song has taught me to look before leaping into marriage.R.I.P lucky.always in our hearts

Never gonna have a man like this | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/9/14

My writup has nothing to with this song, Lucky Dube was super!super!! super!!! I will not stop playing songs like ( I've got you babe , Teach the world, Remember me, Hold on ,etc) 4ever live you ''MASTER'' I LUV U.

LOVE HURTS INDEED | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/2/13

Its not easy and gud to part ways with your partner, but sometimes circumstances wins the battle against promices and vows we made before the alter! Indeed its no easy, will alwais remember you rasta, Lucky Dube. May ya soul rest in peace

It's Not Easy Lyrics - Lucky Dube | Reviewer: INNOCENT PETER | 10/29/13

It pains me mch knwin dat we lost a great legend lyk u lucky dube we rly miss u so mch the only thing dat kips us remember u alot z yo great music which z so touchin nd powerful. I lyk all yo songs especially it's not easy nd fugitive. Rip great legend wil 4ever remeber u nd appriciate alot 4 yo great music.

it is not easy | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/23/13

Yes my loving mother i have make it that is why am always happy , But there is this pain that will never go out in my life , as you are no more by my side , but am always feeling your soul arun me. I love u mother, by Jeff Ed or MJVC

I nvr thought i wl cry 4 lucky | Reviewer: Dieketseng khoele | 10/5/13

I lyk this song so much whn i listrn 2 it i jst feel lyk cryng over and over again, knwng that beautfl woman are man's playingthng nw m hurt knwing dat i wl nvr evr hear a new release 4rm u, lucky my yr soul RIP

lecturer | Reviewer: Musore | 10/3/13

We shall continuously remember you.It is unbelievable that you went away.But you will remain in our minds and hearts.Your work products are currently working on their own.You are one of the best singers ever.Why not the best and first!RIP sir!!!!!!!!!


Dis Song is 1 of my best, I love It So-murch, It remindis me of my step Mum, I loved song, It mks me Mrs Abdallah Nayeja, Deep feeling abt Love, sex, relationship, Marriage, Lucky I miss 'u' You'r A grt loss to Humanity.


Lucky Dube no matter where you are i will always remember you because of your music that contain massage in each and every line. You made me to fell inlove with reggae music. I like and love each and every song that you wtote for us as fans. When ever i listen to them i Can't belive that you are no where to be found in this planet earth. Even though its hard and for me to say but rest in peace sir will always remember you. I really like all of your songs, some of them reminds me of my late father, you too Dad rest in peace i miss you

It 's Not Easy | Reviewer: saviourjeffrey | 9/13/13

Everytime this song come to my ear my eyes will fully of tears, because we can make to it bring you back to life , but make your soul and my mother soul R.I.P ,Am R&B, Hip Hop, singer

It's not easy | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/1/13

I heard this song for the first time today on my way to church and I cried. They say ''indoda ayikhali'' and I did not but after two years this song got me crying. ''The choice I made didn't work out the way I thought it would''. Indeed ''Rastas Never Die'', your music lives on. RIP