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The Beatles It's For You Lyrics

Last updated: 05/09/2011 11:00:00 AM


I’d say some day
I’m bound to give my heart away
When I do
It’s for you love, true love
Seems to be all I’m thinking of
But it’s true
It’s for you

They said that love was a lie
Told me that I
Never should try to find
Somebody who’d be kind
Kind to only me
So I just tell them they’re right
Who wants a fight
Tell them I quite agree
Nobody’d love me
Then I look at you

And love comes love shows
I give my heart and no one knows
That I do
It’s for you
It’s for you
It's for you

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THE LOST CHORDS | Reviewer: Brenton | 5/8/11


Recently I learnt to play this song from some sheet music I'd had around for ages. It was an easy song to learn because I felt I knew it so well. I remembered Paul singing it.

The other day a friend found this! I had never heard a version lIKE this before, plus it was John singing. Apart from a different singer, there was seemed quite a different feel to the music.

The descending base line at the beginning of each verse was different to the feel I remembered - it really pushes along and makes it stronger somehow. The guitar work from George was new to me but sounded REALLY sharp - a little bit like the guitar in the Animals "House of the Rising Sun", only better.

On the sheet music, there are two really beautiful passing chords under "...THEY SAY...", and again under "...SO I...". These two chords are replaced by one less brilliant one on the recording.

However the two chords that are missing are THE most magical thing in this typically brilliant Beatle song.

I thought I remembered another (even better) Beatle version, but now any memory of it has been driven far away - I've listened too much to this one!

Does anyone remember Paul singing "It's for you" ? (The version that contains the 'lost chords')!