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No Angels It's All In Your Mind Lyrics

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Call me innocent, colour me pure
I´ll be anyhow you want to paint me
I´ll give you fragile and I´ll show you demure
Picture perfect there´no mistaking

I´m good as gold
You know what I mean
so don´t be fooled
Even tho I´m sitting pretty

There´s no angel inside of me
Ít´s all in your mind
What you get boy, ain´t what you see
Ain´t that a surprise

You treat me like you think a gentelman would
My god Ya Trying so hard to please me
You´re Pussi-footin cause ya think that you schould
why make this difficult? Could be so easy

I´m Bitter sweat
You know what I mean
so don´t be fooled
even tho I´m sitting pretty


This squeaky clean, this goodie two shoes
boy is of your design
this so untouchable is all in your mind
no perfect saint,
no holier than thou or whiter than white
this miss untouchable is all in your mind

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