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Dropkick Murphys Last Letter Home Lyrics

Last updated: 02/17/2011 10:00:00 AM

Hello there my dearest love
Today I write to you about our sons
The boys start school today
They're the spitting image of you in every way

Hey son it's Dad
I hope this letter finds you well out of harm's way
We saw the news today it frightened your Mom
Now all she does is pray

If I lead will you follow?
Will you follow if I lead?

Hey Melissa it's me don't be afraid
I'm in good hands I'm gonna be home soon
It's time to watch the children grow up
I wanna be more than a voice on the phone

Thanks Ma I got your package today
I love "The Fields Of Athenry"
I swear I want 'em to play that song on the pipes
At my funeral when I die


I stand alone in the distance
And the foreground slowly moves


"We regret to inform you that on January 28th Sgt. Andrew
Farrar died while serving his country in the Al-Anbar province
of Iraq words cannot convey our sorrow"


When there's nothing on the horizon
You've got nothing left to prove

If I lead will you follow?

Thanks to Conner Murphy for submitting Last Letter Home Lyrics.

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Poor man | Reviewer: Linus P.L | 2/17/11

Dad introduced me to the Dropkick Murphys music when I was five, and this song I liked now that I heard it back in 2005. Now that I know the background of it, I appreciate it even more. R.I.P SGT Andrew

Review of the Song Performed at OHSU's Brainet Luncheon - Dec. 14, 2009 | Reviewer: Don Davey | 12/14/09

Today I heard the beautiful melody of the "Last Letter Home" performed by Kate Saylor on the fiddle and Travis Magrane on the guitar at Brainet's Christmas Luncheon at the Multnomah Athletic Club.

Afterwards, I congratulated them on their performance and mentioned how much I specifically liked this tune. Kate made me aware that there were words that went with the song and also enlightened me about the background for the song.

That made me appreciate the piece even more.

Thank you to the group, that composed and performed it.

Don Davey
Vice-Chair of OHSU's Brainet Committee

Great song, sad song | Reviewer: Sky | 4/5/09

This song was inspired by the death of Sgt. Andrew Farrar. As you can tell by the song, he was a Dropkick Murphys fan, and his family wrote to the band after he died expressing what a big fan of them he was. The band was so touched that they actually came to and played "The Fields of Athenry" at his burial. They also wrote this song in honor and memory of him.

Great Song | Reviewer: Sean B | 12/28/07

One of the best of The Dropkick Murphys. Make sure you go to the the DKM site and donate to the Farrar family's charity!! It's worth every dime