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Nanci Griffith Is This All There Is Lyrics

Last updated: 10/19/2005 12:00:00 PM

(Nanci Griffith - Tom Littlefield)

I have traveled far to be sitting here with you
And I will leave this place alone
That's a sad and simple truth
There is so little time and so much to say
And I'll be none the wiser
When I leave you here today

Is there all there is
I wanted so much more
The gold in those hills
The silver of the Moores
And now that I'm here
Looking you head on
The treasure that I left behind
Is all I'll ever miss
Is this all there is

It always stops me cold everytime I hear your name
The friends that we share
Know I'll never love the same
I still hear your voice echo through the days
Yet it never breaks my stride
Cuz we would always end this way


We were really something
Holding hands and walkin'
Now, no amount of talkin'
Could lend this love a place to go
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