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Tracy Lawrence Is That A Tear Lyrics

Last updated: 09/19/2000 03:46:14 AM

The last thing I expected was to get her call tonight
'Cause the last thing that I'd heard from her
Was she'd found Mr. Right
But when I came home this evenin'
There it was on my machine
Now I'm just wondering what the hell it means
She said she's sorry that she missed me
and she's been doin' fine
I've run it back and heard her say
Those words a hundred times
But something makes me wonder
Is she happy with her choice
or is that a tear I hear in her voice
The first time that I listened
I thought Boy she's got some nerve
But the second time I heard it
I heard more than just her words
Am I just wishful thinkin
or did her voice really crack
I'll never know if I don't call her back
(Repeat Chorus)
Oh is that a tear
Lord is that a tear I hear in her voice
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