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The Damned Is It A Dream Lyrics

Last updated: 09/10/2001 01:24:16 AM

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Stand in a line like a parking meter

Am I all alone

A vision of mine is becoming clear

Its all so new it can't be true

Sometimes the words appear in my head

Sometimes I'm falling out of my bed


Oh, is it a dream , what does it mean ?

Oh is it a dream, what have I seen ?

I know a man, he's really awful nice

He isn't here

We whiled away an evening , maybe two

But what did that man really do

Sometimes I feel like walking away

Sometimes there's something I've got to say


Then suddenly

Like a fly in a cup of tea

I'm stirred and no longer free

To fly away

I think back to the other life

That was borrowed the other night

Could It be that it just might

Drive me wild

Oh is it a dream? (x4)

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