Irving Berlin Lyrics

Meet the man who wrote “God Bless America”. His name was
Irving Berlin, one of the greatest American songwriters of
his time. His life began in a foreign country, as one of
eight children of Leah and Moses Baline. He grew up and
greatly impacted society from the many famous songs and
plays he wrote, while most of them are still very popular
today. We are talking about the man who started out in a
poor town in Russia, then came to the United States and
made it big.

Irving Berlin was born under the name Israel Isidore
Baline on May More...

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Review about Irving Berlin songs
The best memories | Reviewer: Marcia keaton
    ------ About the song Alexander's Ragtime Band performed by Irving Berlin

When I was younger, my dad has a music box that played
Alexander's Ragtime band. I have been singing this all day. I just looked up the lyrics, which have brought a smile to my face.

Wow this has it all. | Reviewer: Philip Lunardi
    ------ About the song What'll I Do performed by Irving Berlin

Always searching for great scores, wow, isn't this just wonderful. Thank you I.B. Now in the throes of including this beautiful masterpiece in my repatiore for the darlings I entertain in seniors functions. Many thanks for such beautiful work, sheer perfection and poetry.

Always and forever | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Always performed by Irving Berlin

the other day I had watched on TCM the movie "Pride of the Yankees" Gary Cooper was whistling this tune. For a few days I was humming this tune in my head and couldn't get it out of my head until I looked up the lyrics. It is such a beautiful song. I read the other reviews and now I can't stop crying for sadness and joy. My son passed away at age 15, 16 years ago I would sometimes sing him to sleep. Yes even when is was a teenager. He was so loving a child. He would still hug and kiss me goodnight. I wish this was one of the songs I would sing to him. I know I will sing it now.

    ------ About the song Always performed by Irving Berlin

(2014) My grandparents were married for 72 years 7 weeks and 1 day this year. They were together for 77 years. They met each other when they were both 18 years old and loved each other from the first time they met.
I never saw them have a cross word with each other in the 50 years that I knew them, and Nan always said they made a pack when they first met, that they would never go to sleep over a cross word, and they never did. They moved into a Nursing Home from their home only 11 days before my Pop died (95yrs). They had a wonderful life together and have a wonderful loving family. Nan is still going and is 95 also an amazing woman who I love dearly.

MARIE | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Marie performed by Irving Berlin

I LOVE this song, Marie, and it isn't even my name! Frank Sinatra singing this song is the ultimate! Frank was a genius and so is Irving Berlin for writing it.

Eternal Message | Reviewer: Veronica Alexander
    ------ About the song Always performed by Irving Berlin

I arrived early Sunday morning. The chapel was empty except for me. I maintained an attitude of meditation. My mind was clear. I was in harmony with this spiritual place. It was the chapel of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints... When I heard in my head someone singing the complete song, "I will be loving you Always.", Considering the time and place, and that I was completely alone. I feel it was an Eternal message juat for me. And I will remember it Always. But I feel, on second thought, the lyrics and sentiment is for us All.

Last song with my mom | Reviewer: Barbara
    ------ About the song What'll I Do performed by Irving Berlin

One month before our mom passed away we gave her a pre-Christmas tea party. We had a tape of old songs play and this song came on. Mom started singing and we video taped her. Now that she is gone, I find the song so beautiful and especially meaningful.

The song of a real man | Reviewer: Papachet
    ------ About the song Always performed by Irving Berlin

This is the vow a real man makes to the real woman he loves and the voice he uses to sing it is his very life - every day of it.

I know the difference for I married twice without thought, depth or commitment. Finally, at age 39, I got it, and married with the right heart. The first two wives that I discarded died within a few years of the time I divorced them. I am not so vain as to think they left this plane because they could not live without me, but I am understanding enough to know I was a major contributor to their demise. Not a good realization.

To all the young men - get it right - be a man from day one. To all the older men who are faltering, stand up straight, bear the load and above all - love your wife even as Christ loved the church - btw - Christ DIED for the church. Die to self - live for the Lord, your wife and family. You will not regret it in this life and certainly not in the next.

a true heart tugger | Reviewer: kristi hinely
    ------ About the song What'll I Do performed by Irving Berlin

i first heard this song on 'the golden girls". loved it so much. sang the few lyrics to my youngest daughter for years. looked up the rest of the verses today on the computer.a really beautiful, haunting song with my wonderful memorys of her being young attached to it.

Wring author | Reviewer: Cheryl
    ------ About the song Blue Skies performed by Irving Berlin

My father says that his mother who is from Michigan, write the lyrics to this song and they were sent to a man called Lenny Ross. Well she never got credit for this. What a shame that someone else took the credit.

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