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Sam Beam lives in Miami, FL and makes music under the name
Iron & Wine. He is a father of two (both daughters) and
teaches cinematography at a local college. September 2002
saw the release of his debut album, The Creek Drank the
Cradle. That record was/is hushed, literate, intimate,
melodic: a quiet treasure which, with its unaffected candor
and depth, found fans all over. Both in the bio for the
first record and in (perhaps an unwitting, self-fulfilling
prophecy set in motion by that bio) subsequent press
surrounding the record, a More...

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Review about Iron & Wine songs
rusty | Reviewer: Rusty
    ------ About the song Low Light Buddy Of Mine performed by Iron & Wine

MONEY.... ones relationship with money. never (supply and) demand never agree. and he's JEALOUs of me speaks of the envy and the jones factor, free market is based on.He can buckle his belt, he can shine his shoe
But he can never end up where I found you. speaks of the one thing money cant buy. the love of music...So we don't talk back and we don't say please, speaks of how money talks... money is power ..politeness carries nothing..He's a buddy of mine but that won't last
Cause he ate a dumb grin on an empty cup
We both took him for when he showed up
speaks on how loose control and sense when money is there... money ends up as controller in this relationship. "the thing you love most is that one thing that can bring such hate to you.

love | Reviewer: carl
    ------ About the song Fever Dream performed by Iron & Wine

i love this song i can play it whenever wherever it just always fits the mood, my favoritwe line is: I want your flowers like babies want gods love <3 love love loovee

Now hear this | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Sodom, South Georgia performed by Iron & Wine

South Georgia white boys are religious. The old ones especially. "All dead white boys", might be, the old timers around there saying "God is good". Old , white, might as well be dead peeps that believe God is good. White tongue hangs out is to me a picture of what you look like whilst your boys are saying "God is good".

A mother never stops hearing the birds sing, a golden heart stopped beating and my heart is forever broken | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Upward Over The Mountain performed by Iron & Wine

tears tears my son died Christmas day 2010... this song touches on his life in so many ways... i did find him on the floor of his home .... he was a prisoner of cancer 29 years young

My interpretation | Reviewer: John
    ------ About the song Jezebel performed by Iron & Wine

A song's meaning can only be speculated unless you ask the one who wrote it. Just because her name is jezebel doesn't mean it is a biblical reference unless that is part of your interpretation. I want to know what a song MEANS to you not what you think it actually is. Understand?

This is what "Jezebel" means to me.

Jezebel Love of Your Life who you have not met yet. Since you two are meant for eachother, she lives either being chased by dogs (other guys) or walking alone (possibly where cedars line the road) until she finds you. She is an inspiration and source of suffering.

Really people?! You think she's prostitute!? Would you really wait for a mountain crumble for a prostitute? If your aching for a prostitute then you need to check yourself before you wreck yourself...


This is NOT about Bella & Edward | Reviewer: Anon
    ------ About the song Flightless Bird, American Mouth performed by Iron & Wine

If all of you actually listened to an Iron & Wine album you would know that they are a folklore band which means their songs tell a story usually based on the American Dream, politics, War, drugs, & the Sublime. This song is NOT about love and has nothing to do with love. Kristen Stewart is an idiot obviously misinterpreting the song just like she misinterpreted MaryLou in On the Road as well as the Beat Generation (Read Hemingway).

This song is about the war and the destruction of man. Flightless Bird (eagle,free bird)= wounded men ... American Mouth = their voice, their experience. They lost themselves or a part of themselves with the experience of war. They went from innocent to tainted & lost. They could never regain what they were. This also ties in with what people expect the American Dream that it is not all that beautiful.

Iron and wine-boy with a coin | Reviewer: Gage
    ------ About the song Boy With A Coin performed by Iron & Wine

first off, i love this song. I'm only 17, but I play guitar and love music like this. I like iron and wine, the great lake swimmers, and a lot of other similar bands. I wanted to see if anyone knew of some really similar artists to those that aren't too well-known. thanks guys

Maybe a couple things..? | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song House By The Sea performed by Iron & Wine

I think it's very possible that he could be talking about a couple things. He mentions often in his music "troubled thoughts" and sadness in a kind of delicate poetry. It's possible that he is meditating on the meaning of his life and previous experience with the church (which he seems to have mixed or negative feelings about--"burning the book"). Drug use? Yeah maybe..? He refers to too much smoking and jealous sisters (which in one translation is heroin and cocaine). I think primarily he is wrestling with his own thoughts and trying to make some decision.

The milk from ur breast on my lips ...Is supern sentimental vry heart touching song. | Reviewer: Bish destroyer
    ------ About the song Sea And The Rhythm performed by Iron & Wine

There is nothing wrongs in this song it dosent indicated mother n baby also symbolize lovers....I lov this song so much each and evry word vry heart touching...Sentimental n sensitive...Thanks to iron and wine for such a beautiful songs

Pure ... | Reviewer: Sarah
    ------ About the song Naked As We Came performed by Iron & Wine

I loved the song the moment I heard it, but only heard it about a year ago, he is new to my musical collection. To the one who said they had just lost their boyfriend, and that this was a message, believe it. When my loved one passed 9 years ago, there were messages everywhere :-) ... and often came in songs. This song is so pure, about pure love. Reminded me of my own love. There was a joke, between us, that someone would find us, one day, a couple of skeletons, maybe charred bones, underneath the sheets in the bed. One of us will die inside these arms... I can get that, feel that... they loved each other so much that they weer always inside "these arms"... making their arms, together, as one set of arms... an entity unto itself, as ONE-ness makes them complete. The only thing I did not get was the video... I believe it's the official video... I loved all the objects and the effect of looking through the beautifully illuminated colorful glass objects... and the water drops... but didn't quite get the ants... unless it was trying to indicate that they had left the picnic... maybe one had died... but the beauty and symbols of their youth and lives remained... but the ants... could that have meant the ants would devour the remains? The ashes? And yes, Naked... as from the beginning...

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