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Sir Mix-A-Lot Iron Man Lyrics

Last updated: 01/05/2009 11:00:00 AM

You could strike a match in my hand
too black to tan
heavy metal rhythm from a one man band
bust my knuckles in a junkyard scuffle
whippin adversaries with a brass belt buckle
born in the ghetto
hard like metal
gotta '87 'vet with a fat gas pedal
Live a hard life
shave wit a knife
love to get freaky on the grooviest nights

got childhood scars
from the streets of my life
girls laugh now they beggin to be mix'a'lots wife
a new breed is here vigilanties o' rap
got eyes like fire wit my boys at my back
now im back for revenge all the rumors must end
freaking breathin is out
whole music is in
alot of dummies get money just for clappin thier hands
not the style or desire of a true iron man

oooh south side ruler
dont drink cooler
big money maker
not a dumb drug user
is real not drama
hate pet llama
met clint eastwood
slapped his mama
billboard thrilla
avenue chilla
hard rock lova and
soft rock killa
girls in the house
watch yo blouse
i am the man yo moma was warnin you about
the bad boy of rap
givin no slack
talk behind my back and
you might get slapped
you might get paid
but yo metal aint real
your rocks like mush
this rocks like steel!


big E gold crushin
MC fussin
more lines in my face than a sunburnt russian
hardly ever speakin
girls be tweakin
buggin off the drums cuz my snare be peekin
worlds most hated
too bad ta be graded
makin you mad
and i'm elated
beat syncopater
your bad im greater
tougher than Schwarzeneggar in terminater
guitar chord ripper
perrier sipper
transboard scratcher
and not a lil stripper
fleash like steal
mc steal
mickey dees shrimp salad not part of my meal
heavy drum hitter
cant stand kidders
hate false metal and not a bullshitter
girlies wanna kiss
suckas throwin fists
lotta rappas try ta rhyme but it aint like this!


now thats true rap posse up!
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