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I was born in the heart of Dublin
To a Holy book full of rules
Made get on our knees every Sunday with the other fools

We were warped by the Christian Brothers
In the cell blocks at our schools
Get a hand print on your skin
From a glove of jewels

Go hit me now
That I'm twice your size
Brushed off the accusations
And bowed before your lies

This is the city that raised me
With the religion they gave me
Now I'm old enough to know my own mind
And it was leaving that saved me
I've seen so much that has changed me
So just break with your past
Feed your own mind
This Irish son has moved with the times

Weddings deaths or baptizing children
That's my debt paid to the church
I don't need that kind of salvation
When I get hurt

Don't fill my head with sermons
And force me to believe

This is the city that raised me
With the religion they gave me
Now I'm old enough to know my own mind
But it was leaving that saved me
I've seen so much that has changed me
So just break with your past
Feed your own mind
Cos' this Irish son has moved with the times

Our father who art in heaven
Come down here and make your presence known
We can't do it on our own
The lunatics let run the asylum
How can we find peace inside your home
When you can't trust your own

This is the city that raised me
With the religion they gave me
Now I'm old enough to know my own mind
But it was leaving that saved me
I've seen so much that has changed me
So just break with your past
Feed your own mind
Cos' this Irish son has moved with the times
Cos' this Irish son has moved with the times

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Irish Son | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/10/13

I admire Brian McFadden for doing such song. Well, come to think of it and don't be a hypocrite. The society is trying to brainwash people and try to manipulate everybody. The lyrics of this song talks about reality. I've waiting for this kind of song to be released and only Brian got the courage to do it. Cheers for this, Bri! x

Congratulations | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/26/12

Congratulations Brian for having the strength to release this, I'm sure the many people out there will relate to the song in many ways and for so many reasons.

The most moving lyrics and performance I have heard for a very long time!!!
Keep going !!!!!!

Just break with your past | Reviewer: Rosh Noln | 3/11/12

Love this song!!! I have been waiting for someone to share these thoughts in a song and it is Brian who has done it eventually. We have been so conditioned, so brainwashed by the society, we cant think for ourselves anymore. We just do what everyone else expects us to do and live their way. Conformity is so common, we are mechanically living our lives. So just break with your past and feed your own mind. THANK YOU BRIAN for such a thought provoking song. God is a myth, religion and politics serve only their own agendas. God was created by man and I am surprised that even today people can believe in a myth ike that!!! Anyway, love you Brian!!!

Irish Son | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/6/11

I love this song. Brian is saying that the Dogma of the church has hurt a lot of people. He does not dis God. Although me personally I don't believe in God. He is saying the human invetion of the church has done a lot to hurt people. We need you use our own minds and look and see what the church and church leaders say is true. Are the church leaders behind the times? This is all he is saying. He is saying he left and found out what was real.

The irish son | Reviewer: Tina | 1/17/11

I dont agree with the lyrics of the song. No one can force you to serve God. I am a born again christain and i have a personal relationship with God. Serving God is personal deciusion. It is sooo wrong for Brian to generalise. The lyrics are misleading

I felt sad! | Reviewer: lyfers75 | 8/15/09

Im an avid fan of Brian even before he was at Westlife. I dont know what went wrong! Is it his first marriage that made him a bit of a hater? I dont know. I remember one of his interview before while he was at the band that he will not go to ASIA again because people there are some kind of a war freck, i felt sad because I idmire him as an artist. Word of advice, Just dont generalize everything. You sound as if you are the only person in the world who suffer, then think again! Try to look at the people in Africa who needs help, where is your stand on that? I dont care if you change your religious belief, but please have respect to those who are in the same belief as you had before!!!!

.. | Reviewer: | 7/28/09

I agree with Anonymous. I think it's a great song, but i can't relate to the lyrics. I'm Danish, and i know that here in Denmark we aren't forced to believe in anything. But i do believe in God, and i don't believe that anyone could get forced into believing something. It's peoples own choice, whether they believe in it or not. People can say they have to believe in something, but they don't have to believe it in their hearts. People who truly believe in Christianity, like me, have made their own decision to believe in it.

Universal | Reviewer: Kay | 4/8/09

I agree with what the song says, mainly coz its applicable 2 anyone. In my experience, people get so carried away with 'religion' that they forget the true word. They critisize u and ostrisize u 4 everything u do, when in fact your faith runs deep and these 'important people' cant see it. I love the song and tho im a south african muslim with irish heritage, i can relate.

/ | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/5/08

i like the song but i dont agree by the words in it i am a christain myself and i live in ireland (wll northern irealnd) no 1 forces u to believe in Gods word they just want you to come to the Lord because they care they want to be with you in heaven and for Gods word to be loved and respected. Being put into a christain school wheer people try and mkeyou saved it can be hard but being set free from it and you are better of leaving it, that isnt true. sorry if no 1 agrees with me but being a christan i want to stand up for my beliefs

Song was written by ENGLISH Songwriter Guy Chumbers | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/6/08

I love the song, cause It reminds me Georgia (Caucasus) - we have exactly the same "probs" in Georgia (we are very special cause every nation around us is Muslim , even North Caucasus people) but for some reason the most famous ATHEIST of my nation was Joseph Stalin - he went to Priest School (Seminari) and became the most famous Atheist Terorist ever.

=D | Reviewer: Danielle | 4/14/08

I Love This Song=D
Being A Christian Myself It Makes Me Look At It In A Different Prespective Than I Have Before.
There IS A Heaven And There Is A Hell, And Although These Preists You Talk About Done Wrong And You Write That They Will Be The First In Hell, If They Ask Their God Almighty For Forgiveness He Will Grant It And They Will Spend Eternity With Him In Heaven.

Just My Veiws On It All.

God Bless


Reality Bites | Reviewer: Hossein | 3/6/08

This is a song that I can really identify with , this magnificant song emits an evil truth that is deplorable in every country;the truth that can be exemplified even in Iran in my country where powers-that-be exploit our religion for personal gains. THis song is a means of catharsis for me it is uplifting, timeless and otherwordly.

Rings true | Reviewer: Vicious | 12/8/07

McFadden is so right about the culture in many parts of the world, and it's not just Ireland. Priests preach a bunch of nonsense and try to force you believe things that can't possibly be true.
If there is a hell, some of the first people there will be the priests that abused their authority to molest young children.

Its all about him | Reviewer: Harsh | 10/20/07

I just love Brian's songs.. but this one is the best number of his! It really touches me deep in the heart!

It's Amazing | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/5/07

The song lyrics are so meaningful, it definately sounds like he's been there or knows all about it. This song is just absolutely amazing. Brian McFadden is such a great singer.

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