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established herself as a straightforward singer/songwriter
with the ability to touch the heart and soul of an

Her songs, performed on piano and guitar, are punctuated by
humorous anecdotes which intensify an audience's
vulnerability to the gripping message of those songs. Iris
was the last of fourteen children born to a church-centered
family. Within the family and the church she learned to
sing and play piano. Iris was three years old when the
family moved from Paragould, Ark. to Orange County, Cal.,
where as a teen she More...

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Reviews about Iris Dement songs

Where is it recorded????? | Reviewer: Karen
    ------ About the song God May Forgive You (But I Won't) performed by Iris Dement

We saw Iris perform this live and fell in love with it. So now, so honest, the way we all might feel under these circumstances. I just wish I could get my hands on a recording of it ... any help out there???

She's No Bob | Reviewer: Dr HappyPants
    ------ About the song Wasteland of the Free performed by Iris Dement

Whoa, there Mister! Hold your horses before gushing about this song. Complex? My oatmeal this morning was more complex! Where's the nuance? Where's the thoughtful contemplation? Where's the poetry? I like Iris Dement just fine, but this song is an overexplicated piece of tripe. Try "It's A Hard Life Wherever You Go" by Nanci Griffith. Much better song on nearly the same subject. Or may I suggest "Don't Tear Down" by Darryl Purpose? Or perhaps "Stones in the Road" by the sublime Mary Chapin Carpenter.

Jimmie Rodgers | Reviewer: joeyonly
    ------ About the song Hobo BIll's Last Ride performed by Iris Dement

That's originally sung by Jimmie Rodgers...Merle Haggard and Hank Snow also did wonderful versions of it..

The funniest and most touching song you'll ever hear | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song In Spite Of Ourselves performed by Iris Dement

For once a love song written for the rest of us. This song is both touching in its honesty and funny in its portraits of humanity as it is.

Better than Bob Dylan | Reviewer: Bob
    ------ About the song Wasteland of the Free performed by Iris Dement

This is the most powerful "political" song since the 1960's. The lyrics are complex and incredibly hard-hitting. I don't agree with all of its politics, but for real, current folk music, Iris DeMent has no equal.

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