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Flobots Iraq Lyrics

Last updated: 06/13/2012 11:00:00 AM

Analyze quotations
I'd rally all quarters
Increase resistance

Question intelligence rarely actionable
Quiz international relatives
Applicable quips interrupt radio accounts


Initiate rounds
All qualified innocents report
Activate quickly increase rewards
Astonishing quantities, immediate resources (Affordable quality insurance)

Rapid assurances
Queries into relevance
Audiences quelled into red-bloodedness
Antiwar quibblings irk rowdy Americans quintessential ignorance
Rinsed airwaves
Que incredible
Right-wing allegiance

it's really a quagmire

It rages
Innocents ricocheted
Accordingly queasiness infiltrates
Reforming attitudes
Quite interesting

Reactors absent
Quarantineidiotic reckless authorities
Quorum is reached
And quest isn't really accomplished

Quadrennial intentions? Run, abscond quick

In response a quixotic insistence
Resolving all quandaries in ridiculousness
And quid pro quo influx reservists
Assignment: quash insurgents

Activists, Quakers instigate rallies
Advocating quitting instantly

Representatives apprehensive
quiescence ineffectual

Refugee accrual
Quicksand invites removal
Amputees quadruple

Infidels resuscitate Al Qaeda

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