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Slipknot Iowa Lyrics

Last updated: 02/27/2014 07:05:02 PM

Relax... it's over, you belong to me;
I fill your mouth with dirt;
Relax... it's over, you can never leave;
I take your second digit with me ... Love...;
You are... my first, I can barely breathe;
I find you fascinating;
You are... my favorite, lay you down to sleep;
It's all that I can do to stop...
So blue... so broken, paper doll decays;
I haven't left you yet;
So cold... subversive, your eyes are full of bleach;
Tomorrow, I will go away again... Love...;

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Iowa, Slipknot | Reviewer: Ragdoll | 2/28/14

This song makes me dreamy and pulls me into thoughts and fantasys of my deepeest most deviant desires.
To me, the song is about the ulimate submission, giving yourself to your lover in death, necrophilia, which is my fantasy OR having it taken from you, by force.
The song is charged with the possessiveness and obsessive nature of psychosexual ideation. The screaming of the woman, and the moaning and nervous laughter of the man, begging her to relax. 'Relax, it's over... You belong to me' He is possessive over her.
'I fill your mouth with dirt' could be a metaphor for him putting his seed in her mouth, or literally, filling her mouth in dirt when he buries her in the ground.
It is such a beautiful song, and it illustrates the fustration of having an unhealthy obsession with somebody who only struggles against you.
You can also hear gunshots in the background, mumbling and whistling wind. That might be what it's like to live in Iowa, hence the name of the song.
Overall, a beautiful song that turns me on and conjures up beautiful images of powerful love.

Iowa | Reviewer: R | 5/30/13

The premise of the song is basically about playing with a corpse, and how it can turn to an obsession, especially if the subject is someone to whom an attraction is felt. Despite sharing both the title of the album and the name of their home town this song draws no influence from the latter, except for the drone and length; apparently "living in Iowa is like living in slow motion". Either way it's an interesting song.

NB: Corey only needed two takes to record the vocals, which he sang completely naked.

Personal opinion | Reviewer: sicness00 | 5/25/13

i always believed that this song was if iowa was personified, and that personification of iowa's view/opinion of corey, viewing him as a pawn piece that it adores yet loves to mess with.

awesome | Reviewer: victoria666 | 3/15/13

this song is amazing and i get all of your comments.i really think that some people should either choose love or death.i think slipknot should make a song about 'confused ways of them'

The song's real content | Reviewer: Lars | 2/19/13

This song obviously has many layers of subtile meaning that are all open to interpretation, though I am quite sure its original intention was to be about Iowa and how it is to live there, after hearing gunshots and screaming in the nabourhood, or having the people haras you, in the way corey has experienced it. The place makes you hear this in your head. Ive never been to Iowa so I cant realy reflect upon weather or not it is a realistic statement, but this is my opinion.

Iowa | Reviewer: Adam | 1/25/13

I'm listening to Iowa right now. A somewhat evil or midevil feal to this song...but I like it...can't deny that. The bass is so hypnotic sounding. And kettle drums...I mean, that's just badass.
Extremely unique song. Unlike any song I've ever listened to before.

Lyric corrections | Reviewer: Adam | 1/23/13

The las line or verse is as follows


The CD's right in front if me and the lyrics to Iowa, this song, are on the CD. Also, there, is not any spaces between the three period's in the lyrics. They just connect, (like...this). And there's supposed to be a space after each comma. And the lyric at the end of the song, (love), is missing, too.

another theory | Reviewer: brian | 12/12/12

in my opinion, i believe this song is from the view of a personified iowa. the song produces ideas of possession and fascination. it seems as though corey was writing how where he grew up is possessive of him and his dreams, and how one may think that they are free, but will eventually come crawing back

-strange song

Real true meaning | Reviewer: Neil | 11/17/12

This song is about a maniacal person who obviously has very little or no social skills and has trouble building relationships. It's all about how he is fascinated by someone, so much so that to posess them (you belong to me) he has to kill them to stop anybody else having them. To love someone so much that you have to kill to love. It's a truly powerful emotion the person in the song is feeling. The song touches on burial and trophy collecting. This is common amongst serial killers. Ted Bundy killed and buried his victims in secluded areas no-one found until he told the FBI about them days before his execution. He would sometimes drive for hours at a time just to revisit the graves and brush the corpses hair, or paint their nails. He would do this until the bodies were completely decomposed. This possesion of the body, it made them "his". He also kept trophys, sometimes body parts, mostly severed heads. He would keep these until again, decomposition made them impossible to keep. He would keep them in his appartment.
Another killer, Ed Gein was so obsessed with his mother in a possesive way that it was suspected he even killed his own brother to gain her full attention and love, which she never adorned him with. After her death, he dug up the corpses of women who looked like his mother and kept body parts as trophys, making them into momentos and basic houshold items. The skin of one womans face was stetched and used as a lampshade. He had cereal bowls made from the top of skulls. Gein had classic personality dissorder and was unable to make friends or relationships. His mother would not allow him to mix with other kids or people in the town and kept him on the family farm for much of his younger years with only her and his brother as company.
I beleive this song refers to these two, and possibly other serial killers. The raw emotion, the power this person has over his victim, his first. A chilling, but truly wonderful song and arrangement.

amazing.. | Reviewer: dez | 6/5/12

ive loved this song since the first time i listened to it... i feel this song is about someone falling out of love when the other is lost in love... the whale noises are obviously mating signals.. he has fallen truly in love and is so fascinated by the idea of having the one hes truly head over heels over but she no longer feels the same which brings him into a horrible depression that makes him feel this obscene infactuation. the end is obsiously self explanitory.. this is definately a "first love" feeling song that no matter how long after youve been broken up for you can always have the feeling for

this is what it means | Reviewer: gio | 11/26/11

Relax... it's over, you belong to me;
I fill your mouth with dirt;

- hes killed her and hes burying her.

Relax... it's over, you can never leave;
I take your second digit with me ... Love...;

- he takes her 2nd finger (ring finger? maybe going other way around)

You are... my first, I can barely breathe;
I find you fascinating;

- first kill

You are... my favorite, lay you down to sleep;
It's all that I can do to stop...

- still about burying her.

the rest im sure u can figure out but thats the main part of it

i love this song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/26/11

I think this is an amazing song that really explores all the emotions involved in loving somebody. At the end of the song, you can hear Corey say "I can smell you on me" and "I fucking told you" and "You'll live forever". These phrases along with the lyrics show how you can be obsessed with, jealous of, love, hate, and miss the person you love all at the same time. I listen to this entire song whenever I'm in a shit mood over something that happened or whatever, and it really helps me see my problems for what they are and learn to let it slide off my back. Truly an amazing song.

love this song still hate my ex | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/4/11

everyones saying how they are creeped out but find this to be normal nowadays since my mom died. this song reminds me of the love that i had with both my ex's but they just threw it in my face and stabbed me in the back because another guy wanted them.

Love that kills | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/9/11

This song just gives me a creepy feeling, but I like it. It's such a long song. I like the first part, weird thing is, it relaxes me. I mean I almost fall asleep. I see girls suffering, just like me, screaming, and first I see them like at a carnival. But then the scenery changes. Cory LOVES HER too much to let her go, and she doesnt love her, but he can't process that fact. So he's saying, if he has to kill her for her to stay here with him, then he'll do it. I'm only 13, but when I was 12 I went out with a 14 year old. He was just like me, but then out parents seperated us, and he stalked me after that, so my mom called the cops and he lied and said I was stalking him, which I wasn't...But anyway, what people do for true love? It's unimaginal. It's love that kills.

imagination runs wild O.O | Reviewer: maggot169 | 7/25/11

first time i listened to this, i loved it immediately, and i pictured hell; people burning in fire, screaming their lungs out, and part of it sorta makes sense cuz the lyrics say "you belong to me" and "you can never leave" and the last few parts, it makes it seem like the devil describing hell. i know the song probably has nothing to do with hell, but i like to picture it that way, but then again, i dont believe in hell or heaven... so thats why i dont get scared when i think about it all :P i love iowa, its a disasterpiece ;) rock on slipknot \m/