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Avantasia Invoke The Machine Lyrics

Last updated: 03/21/2013 06:31:20 AM

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[Tobias Sammet:]
Home to the land of the living
Roused by a sound I confide
And what am I to cast my tired eyes upon
Where was I when the clock had been alive?

[Ronnie Atkins:]
I see marvel right in front of me
There's a man, who's got tomorrow in his hands
Don't you see what you are meant to be
Outside your cloud-cuckoo-land

[Tobias Sammet:]
Time won't wait for those who stay behind
To wait for time
In this tangible realms hesitation's a crime

In the Night:
A secret mysterious dream
Dead of night, while the town lies asleep
We invoke the machine

[Ronnie Atkins:]
Those dreams that you
Hummed to yourself once
How far will you reach out
To make them come true

Will you turn around
To shirk from duty
Or force the pace
While it's all up to you

[Tobias Sammet:]
A giant leap is to be made now
I'm struck with awe
We're gonna heed the inner call
My heart beat quicken
I behold the god-machine
I can't help but write history

As my glance wanders
To the far off end in the sky
Far off end end in the sky
Hissing and screaming, almost alive

In the night
My life came apart at the seams
Dead of the night, let's run up the wheel
We invoke the machine

In the Night
A secret mysterious dream
Dead of night, the town lies asleep, whoa
We invoke the machine

In the night
Those in hiding are waiting for me
Dead of night, let's run up the wheel
We invoke the machine

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