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Redman Intro Lyrics

Last updated: 03/19/2000 10:16:30 PM

[Dr. Trevis] Redman wake up. Wake up Redman wake up.
(ba-ga-goom-ba-gi) This is album three, can you hear me?
(ba-ga-goom-ba-gi) This is Dr. Trevis, can you hear me?
(BA-GA-GOOM-BA-GI) You must stay focused, you must focus your mind
(BA-GA-GOOM-BA-GI) --> repeats 14 times to various jungle/bird sounds
--> Redman continues to chant, explosions are heard
Sound of heavy machinery, something crashing
More explosions and/or things crashing
Sounds get louder and quicker, drowning out chant
Sound of ripping/machinery, lion roars
More crash sounds, lion roars, chanting heard again
Lion roars, crash, machinery
[intro ends]