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Papoose Intro Lyrics

Last updated: 12/20/2012 07:35:54 AM

Blue world wanna change New York gun laws
Rockefeller fucked up all of the drug lords
Alot of people hating on artists from up north
City out of stand still I'm here to unpause
Hometown haters don't support oppose
Them out of town niggas come through and get suck off
They ask how I knock my stuff off
I tell 'em niggas everyday I'm hustling
Like a I'm a young Ross
Never been tough you was cut from one cloth
It must've been velvet 'cause you dumb soft
You can't squash beef once a nigga get bucked off
You're sweeter than duck sauce
I couldn't give a fuck if you lost love
Once a couple shots get bust off
He lost blood and you said it ain't no love lost
Your man said it's dead so you taking your gloves off
Your man can't tell me what to do,
that's your boss
Cheerleader it's cold so I keep a hand heater,
My quarter water put change in your man meter
You think you can take me I promise you they can't beat us
You club hopper I bring the chopper up the amnesia
You not strapped but you claim you're holding
So when shit pop off you be laying n frozen
Then you wanna claim everything that's rolling
Living off my fame so your fame is stolen
You playing kid games and in game we grown in
Putting shame in the game so the game exposed em
Them things that you claim it's insane I told em
So shut your kid playing man this things is chosen
You hate what you ain't controlling
You a scumbag, your mother should've named you Trojan
I got my weight up they was talking Unity I
But when they had they running star they acted rude to me stop
Perpetuating frauds claiming that we poo when we not
Like I ain't hear them stories when you got your jewelry pop
They call you by your first name you cool with these cops
You never felt the hot one, but you soon to be shot
Since I was 16 man I used to shoot on these blocks
Thugga Thugga we had the whole community locked
So when I started buzzing they already knew we was hot
Cuz I open them doors and the opportunity knock
I show my son the knowledge so he understand daddy
I teach my girl the wisdom so she make her man happy
My baby girl got my eyes she be starring at me
I let her know I'm too young to be a gran daddy
Man my wisdom is strong I could lift a carone
Quick as the glitch of a star drift as the ways of a lock
As I sit with the gods I see you sit with the frauds
Scripture my songs to show how dangerous these instruments are
You get hit with the drums, man the rhythm is hard
The high hemic you high flesh you can hear the guitars
My brain cells is jail ink pen is the yard
I'm such a prisoner to bars I got some visitors tomorrow
You brag about getting head from a chick thats minor
You don't brag about ruining that vagina diner
Lyrically inclined , spiritually divine
Mentally designed to live and lead the blind
It was meant for me to rise balistikally I grind
Third eye, trilogy the eyes epidemy wise
All you women beating guys is quick to meet demise
Committing misdemeanor crimes
Just to see a dime
I'm pulling millimeter 9's physically I'm fine
I got my weight up in that gym you niggas see the size
They thought a nigga be inside to pick the bee behind
I'm seriously surprised you kidding me you guys
Try dissing me at times but victory was mine
Backstabbing motherfuckers sticking me with knives
All your trickery and lies with misery combined
theres no history of mine ???