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The Scabs Intoxicated Lyrics

Last updated: 10/08/2002 02:41:10 AM

Another dream soaked day floats by
High and rolling through the world I fly
Fly up to you to watch the wind blow down
The gates that hold you to the ground

And it's sticky here this mess
Made of ghosts and worse I guess
You seem to never mind the game
But everyday is just the same

But I want this day to take me
Somewhere far away
I just want this day to take me
Far from this head of mine
Full of love and day old wine

Something, anything, nothing, not a thing
You rule the world and I’m intoxicated

Tremble fall revolve spin around
Here we go watch it drag you down
Slip slide inside the magic maze
Swallowed whole in stranger ways

Transformed warm blue red & green
Nightmares riding through the steam
Transfixed and vapid yet I still
Fight again against my will

Fade away the misery's bound plane
Blessings given then gone again
Let us go let's leave tonight
If I could run I would allright

So we settle for less than the given cost
Searching for answers but the lesson's learned lost
Reclaims its prize then floats away
It all becomes tomorrow’s gray